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His Boy To Tame by Skyler Snow
Dear Santa,

It feels weird to try this again.
But I want a boy of my own.
Someone a little bratty and fun and not so easily pushed over.
And one that doesn't mind a bit of belly.
I don’t have a long list of demands because all that really matters is that he loves me.



I’ve done this before.

The last time I looked for a boy of my own I thought I’d found one.

It was nothing more than a fantasy that never came true.

But it seems Santa might have brought me a whole lotta boy with a whole lotta attitude.

Ty is everything I could ever want.

But he also drives me crazy.

Can this small town even handle him?


A Daddy has been my secret desire for a long time.

They all want one thing and while I don’t mind getting down and dirty, I need more than that.

A firm hand, a good sense of humor, a man that will love me for something other than the family money.

Is that so much to ask?

Meeting Clay was a fluke.

But now I can’t get this gruff, older man out of my head.

Could he be my perfect Daddy?
Until His Last Goodbye by Kiki Clark and E.M. Lindsey
When Death is your soulmate, finding love has never been so heart-stopping.

Having been a powerful medium for as long as he can remember, Elias knows his fair share about the afterlife.

Spirits are pushy.

Spirits are needy.

And they don’t respect personal boundaries.

Being a conduit between the living and the dead is exhausting but ignoring his gift isn’t an option. Even though embracing his calling has ruined nearly every relationship he’s ever had, Elias has learned to offer what comfort he can to those left behind, knowing his own time is limited.

So the day Death comes knocking, Elias is resigned.

Then intrigued.

And then enchanted.

He has no business falling for an immortal collector of souls. No matter how kind and surprisingly innocent he is. Or how the Reaper’s gentle nature soothes the hollow ache inside his chest.

There can be no way forward when you fall for Death...

...unless you join him.
Ride or Die by Beth Bolden
Can Ren’s bad boy heart be wooed and won?

Ren Moretti likes his life—and his hookups—just the way they are: fast and loose.

He only ever hooks up with someone once, and relationships? Forget it. Never gonna happen. No guy has ever persuaded him to bend, break, or alter his one date and one night rule.

Until Seth Abramson.

Seth has always tempted Ren—but it’s not a secret that Seth won’t settle for just one night. A few dates won’t cut it, and he’s not interested in playing around. He wants it all, and he intends to win Ren’s heart.

But that’s the one thing Ren’s never given up. He guards it closely and fiercely, until one day, when he realizes it’s no longer his to protect, it’s belonged to Seth all along.
Dad's Omega Best Friend by Anna Wineheart
What if your best friend's son crashes into your life on a banana boat?
With a too-short arm and goggle-thick glasses, the last person Nico should get involved with is his best friend's alpha son.

It shouldn't happen. He's just providing River with a place to stay during his exchange program. But when a flood sweeps through Meadowfall and ruins Nico's house, Nico and his guest are left in a predicament: There is only one bed.

Nico should be wary—he's been brutalized by too many alphas. But each time River offers him hugs and safety, each time River teases smiles and blushes out of him... Nico slips deeper into trouble. Especially when River promises to see him for who he is.

River is absolutely off-limits. Why can't his heart understand that?
Ima-GIN-ation by Sam E. Kraemer
Can an architect and a bar owner build a strong relationship? Not without a strong foundation and ImaGINation!

Leo Anderson is about as confused as a guy of twenty-eight can be. All his life he’s been denying a part of himself, and now, with the appearance of a dashing architect in Leo’s simple life as a bar and restaurant owner, that side of him—the side that is attracted to men—comes exploding from the closet like a battering ram.

Cameron March, a forty-something architect, discovers his attraction to men and women—after he’s married with a family. Being a responsible father, he buries those feelings deep inside himself for the sake of his two sons until one-day, his wife decides she’s done with the marriage… nearly fifteen years later.

When Leo contacts Cam about expanding On the Rocks, the beach bar Leo owns with his singer-brother and best friend, Cameron’s immediately attracted to the barman—and the timing couldn’t be worse. Cam’s divorce is final, but he’s still fighting his ex-wife to keep her from taking his younger son to live in the Pacific Northwest where she wants to begin her new life.
Inbetweeners by Barbara Elsborg
An angel and a demon walk into a bar…
It should be the start of a joke, except Emmett and Phoenix loathe each other the moment they meet. Reluctant and mismatched partners they may be, but they’ve been given a job to do on Earth: persuade the newly dead to move on to wherever they’re destined to go.
A friendly word here, a nudge there, all the dead should need is a push in the right direction—but dark forces are working against the pair, and the mission takes a dangerous turn.
From hate at first sight, to toleration, to something more… Except time is running out, and soon Emmett and Phoenix will be torn apart and returned to the worlds from which they came. That’s not what they want, and neither is willing to go back without a fight…
…. Because even though they're dead, they've never felt more alive.
Whispering Ember by Meraki P. Lyhne
The belief in the old gods of Norse Mythology may have been suppressed by Christianity, but that doesn’t mean the races of old didn’t survive. Like the Vargr wolves.

Matt’s Sköll Hati pack has forcefully merged with the Geri Freki pack on their territory. The many changes challenge all Alphas, who step up to meet the needs of their pack. It challenges the young Alphas to grow. With a whispering ember, Matt’s gaining new insight into the Alpha he’s growing into.

Steffen will die for his pack’s prosperity. Standing the only conquering Pack Alpha in all of Sköll Hati, he’s proven that once before. Having fought to secure his pack again, he relishes in prosperity and fights to grow despite the changes to their structure. A Pack Alpha never stands alone, though. Other than seeing Matt rise to a challenge, Steffen’s focus on prosperity brings a new possible ally to their doorstep.

Frederik rose to have black fur, and he’s since then been renamed Hati. But he’s not doing well with fame. He yearns for something he doesn’t know and dreams of freedom he doesn’t understand.

Then he feels the pull of a new Alpha. All the fame and expectations that smother him seems bearable with the feel of that Alpha. And Hati needs him!
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These deals are valid only at the time of posting, so always double check the price before buying as prices can change rapidly. This is not a paid list or ads, but simply deals I’ve found and books I’m excited about reading. If you have a book you’d like to see listed, you can submit it, but that’s not a guarantee I’ll list it.
Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Most links will earn me a commission.
The Two Stars Collision by Hayden Hall
When an adorable force meets an irresistible object they might just fall in love.


Studies astrophysics? Check.

Loves Star Wars? Check.

Still a virgin at twenty-one with zero experience in real life? Double-check.

I didn’t want any fanfare around my twenty-first birthday. But when a series of unfortunate accidents confirming Ramsey’s rules of randomness takes place right in front of my eyes, I find myself dancing with the hottest, most popular jock on campus.

Liam makes me feel special. He makes this night one to remember. He becomes the very first boy I ever kissed.

Except it’s all a charade. He’s just making his crazy ex-girlfriend crazier and I’m happy to play along. Call it a kissing practice.

But when the door is closed and his ex isn’t around to see us, are we still faking it? Or are we the crazy ones?


Am I going through one helluva breakup? Yes I am.

Am I coping with it by dancing with the first guy who accidentally pissed my ex off? You bet I am.

Hayley and I were supposed to spend our lives together. Well, that was the plan until she changed the plan. She’s now hooking up with some random caveman and I’ll be damned if I’m just going to stand here and watch.

Oops, the nerd just kissed me; and you can bet your life I kissed him back. Now she knows what it feels like.

And I discover it feels way better than I expected.
The Two Stars Collision is the third book in the College Boys of New Haven series, but it fully works as a standalone. If this is your first encounter with the series, feel free to start here! You will find a nerd/jock pair, opposites attract, gay for you, and a happily ever after.
His Someone Special by Sammi Cee and Brittany Cournoyer
Sometimes all a boy needs is his Daddy.

Davis’s life has been one struggle after another, leaving him nervous and unsure. On the brink of complete poverty, he’s desperate enough to accept a job at a biker bar, even though it terrifies him. It’s not like he has a choice when the hot, older owner is the only one willing to give him a chance.

Sarge has a full life. He’s made his dream of owning a successful bar come true. He has good friends and valuable employees. If he gets a little lonely, it’s easier to just scratch the itch than to put his heart back on the line. At least it was until Davis, constantly looking to him for reassurance, melts through his defenses with his big blue eyes.

When Davis reveals his curiosity about Daddies, will Sarge give into the desire to claim Davis as his boy?
Love In Slow Motion - E.M. Lindsey
Book 1 is free.
“Maybe it didn’t end there. Maybe it started with a kiss…”

The only thing Ilan Nadav knows about relationships and marriage is that they ruin people. He’s committed himself to the bachelor life, and he’s never been happier—until his best friend had to go and fall in the sort of toe-curling, sonnet-writing kind of love. Witnessing that created a hunger in Ilan, and now all he can see is the people standing near him who deserved better than they got. And one of those people makes his heart beat a little bit harder and a little bit faster—but he’s the last man in the world Ilan is allowed to want.

After all, Fredric Pedalino is his best friend’s dad.

When Fredric comes to him for advice about dating men, Ilan is forced to re-write his own reality—and maybe his stance on love, because Fredric is the sort of man with the ability to sweep him off his feet. Even when he isn’t trying.

Ilan wants Fredric more than he’s ever wanted anyone before, but he’s not sure he’s willing to take the risk. After all, loving that man might cost him everything.
Checked Swing by Haven Hadley
Callen Teague. The best shortstop the league had seen in years.

A rocket for an arm, a terrific swing, and reflexes you wouldn’t believe. Every woman wanted him, but he wasn’t interested in them. The secret he’d kept from almost everyone. Callen wanted his skills on the field to be his legend, not who he slept with at night. Everything changed when a season-ending injury put his career on hold.

Enter Spencer Matson, the only physical therapist who could put up with Callen and his demands.

Spencer built his practice into one of the most prestigious in the area. He worked hard and made his dream a reality. Although, it didn’t come without a cost. Spencer’s social life was nearly non-existent, even when he had women throwing themselves at his feet.

It should have come as no surprise that baseball’s biggest star was also its biggest diva.

Callen was Spencer’s toughest case yet. Fortunately for the Espen Emperors, Spencer knew how to get their bad boy back on the field. Except neither of them planned on each other.

As far as the world was concerned, Callen was straight. And Spencer had never been attracted to a man before.

No one said love was easy. Sometimes the cost was too high. The fear was too real to take the final step toward freedom.

The pitch was thrown. The ball hurtled toward the plate. Only Callen could decide how he was going to swing.
Backslide by Nicole Dykes
When you’re young, everything seems brighter, more hopeful, and like anything is possible.

Which is great. But it can also lead to so many mistakes.

Mistakes you promise yourself you’ll never make again.
You promise yourself you'll be smarter, guard your heart, and make better decisions. And you won’t ever let anyone crush you again.

But what happens when you’re confronted with the past?
Nash Davis is settled and happy, helping his brother and his wife pursue their dreams.

But when his biggest regret comes crashing back into his life, will he have the strength he promised himself he’d have?

Can he keep his walls up? Or will Adrian Walker’s presence be too much?

Will it lead toward an inevitable backslide to where they began? Or can there be a future after so much pain?

When Nash and Adrian are thrown together in the Ozarks for months, they’re about to find out.
These deals are valid only at the time of posting, so always double check the price before buying as prices can change rapidly. This is not a paid list or ads, but simply deals I’ve found and books I’m excited about reading. If you have a book you’d like to see listed, you can submit it, but that’s not a guarantee I’ll list it.
Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Most links will earn me a commission.
The Edge Of Heaven by E.M. Lindsey
"And really, what kind of fool goes and falls for their escort?"

In a fit of panic, reclusive English teacher, Julian Pedalino, lies about a boyfriend when he's coerced into attending his ex-husband's wedding. And when he realizes he has to follow through and actually bring someone, he's left with only one option.

Hire a stranger.

He's expecting the weekend to be a disaster, he's expecting everyone to see through him, he's expecting them all to know the truth- that he could never get someone as gorgeous as that to fall for a person like him.

What he isn't expecting is Archer, the charming man who can play the part of astrophysicist with an endless love for the wonders of space, and gentle words that could sweep anyone off their feet.

Even Julian, who vowed never to let another man close to his heart, ever again.

It would be a romance made in the heavens....if only Archer wasn't keeping a secret of his own.
The Vampire's Club by X. Aratare
Lucas Daniels senses secrets all around him.

Lucas left home for good and believes he is safe at Club Dyavol. His whole world is now Konstantin’s world. But though he trusts Konstantin completely, the more time he spends in the club, the more questions he has about those that call it home.

Count Konstantin “the Wolf” Volk believes that now that Lucas is under his full protection at the club that Lucas is safe. Except he could not be more wrong. By being completely within Konstantin’s world, Lucas becomes the focus of every friend and foe Konstantin has.
Immoral by Nicole Dykes
A preacher’s son. I’ve done everything I can to defy his rules. Reckless, destructive, immoral. But after all this, there’s only one thing I haven’t allowed myself to indulge in . . . Him.

A welder's son. I’ve done everything I can to make him proud. Hard-working, loyal, strong. I’ve accomplished all his dreams while denying my own. But there was only one thing I’ve ever wanted . . . Him.