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Brads Bedürfnisse - Nora Phoenix
Brad ist nichts als beschämt über sich selbst.

Beschämt über seine sexuellen Bedürfnisse.
Beschämt über seinen Ruf, eine Schlampe zu sein.
Beschämt über seine gesundheitlichen Probleme, von denen niemand weiß.

Niemand, außer seinem besten Freund Charlie. Aber welche Gefühle Brad auch für ihn haben mag, er wird sie nicht verfolgen. Charlie hat Besseres verdient und Brad sehnt sich nach etwas, das Charlie ihm nicht geben kann.

Brad will einfach nur Sex – schmutzigen, versauten Sex–, und den kriegt er von dem FBI-Agenten Miles. Aber dann wünscht Miles sich mehr und etwas beginnt sich zwischen ihm und Charlie zu entwickeln. Jetzt ist Brad am Arsch, denn er kann niemanden mehr in die Nähe seines Herzens lassen, nie wieder.

Denn niemand entscheidet sich jemals für ihn. Oder etwa doch?
Brads Bedürfnisse ist ein schwuler Liebesroman und das vierte Buch der Indys Männer Reihe. Alle Charaktere finden ihr Happy End, auch jene aus den vorangehenden Büchern der Reihe.
Scandal - Casey Cox
Scandal: (noun)
a: an action or event that causes a public feeling of shock and strong moral disapproval.
b: damage to reputation; public disgrace.
See also: Porter "I won’t apologize for who I am" Jones.

A boy searching for the truth.
A Daddy with a lot to hide.

Porter Jones has always lived two lives. To the world, he’s the mayor’s smart, successful and savvy chief of staff. Conservative, yet charming. Good at his job, without overshadowing his boss.

But underneath the controlled persona, Porter’s had to hide who he really is. A highly charged Dom with an unapologetically voracious appetite for sex, and that’s putting it mildly.

But when a mayoral sex scandal thrusts him into the spotlight, Porter’s private and public worlds collide. And the ruthless reporter who exposed the mayor now has his sights firmly on exposing Porter.

Declan Davies is doing life all wrong.

He’s too nice to be the ruthless reporter he needs to be to get ahead. So when he digs into the mayor’s past, he expects to maybe find a few unpaid parking tickets, not uncover Daylesford’s biggest political scandal. He can’t even do that right.

When Porter storms into Declan’s office demanding answers, sparks fly. But if Porter thinks Declan will be a pushover, he’s got another thing coming. And if Declan is obsessed with finding the truth, what will he do when he discovers who the real Porter Jones is?
Scandal is a Daddy-lite enemies-to-lovers gay romance featuring a Dom Daddy with a lot to hide, and a curious boy obsessed with finding the truth.

Come along for the ride and enjoy some crazy/sexy/cool shenanigans, including: lots of off-the-record chats, bed bondage, spoon theory, sassy friends, lots of LOLs, and all the feels on the way to a heartwarming HEA.

Scandal is the fourth book in the 99 Daddies series. Each book in the series will contain overlapping characters and storylines, so you may enjoy them more by reading them in order.

♥♥♥ 99 DADDIES
99 Daddies is a hilarious, entertaining, and heartwarming contemporary / new adult Daddy/boy MM romance series.

Escape to Daylesford, the (fictional) Daddy capital of America. If you love steamy and complex Daddy/boy dynamics, May-December gay romances with a twist, sweet and sassy MM age gap romances—and chasing those guaranteed HEAs—you’ll love it here.

So come along and meet the 99 Daddies of Daylesford. Who will be YOUR favorite?
Star Shadow: the Complete Series - Beth Bolden
An ex-boyband, betrayed by everyone they trusted.

Star Shadow met when they were only sixteen years old—four different guys, with four different dreams that coalesced into one when they became a worldwide phenomenon.

Hope was shredded, loyalties tested, and love destroyed.

But now there’s a chance to fix the mistakes of the past.

Love renewed. Friendship resurrected. They’ve earned a brand new beginning and a fresh start.

Includes four full length novels and an exclusive bonus epilogue novella. Over 330,000 words.

Terrible Things – When Caleb walked out, leaving his band and his lover behind, Leo knew he could never forgive. He never expected Caleb to show up again, clean and sober and wanting Star Shadow to get back together. But maybe this might not be so terrible after all.

Impossible Things - For the last ten years, Benji and Diego have not only been members of Star Shadow, but best friends. As much as they've both wanted more from their relationship, it never felt worth it to trade what they have for something hot, heady and completely impossible.

Hazardous Things - Felix can’t even remember the first time he crushed on Max, Star Shadow’s drummer. But he’s never acted on his feelings. One, because Max is his older brother’s best friend. Two, because Max is also his friend. Three, Max is technically his boss. And four, worst of all, Max is straight.

Extraordinary Things - Caleb knows he’s earned Leo’s forgiveness. He wants to believe he deserves it, but just when Leo needs him more than ever, a voice in his head insists that he doesn't. It’s so loud, he can't block it out. So loud, he’d do anything to silence it. Including risking everything he and Leo, and the rest of Star Shadow, have built together.
Bashful - M.A. Innes
Cutie the Cop has a problem…and it’s not just the nickname his famous and slightly offbeat new friend Austin has given him.

Gideon, aka Cutie the Cop, knows there’s more to life than just going from work to home, but he can’t get past the fears that are holding him back. As a cop with secrets, he knows he can’t share who he is or what he wants with just anyone. But when Austin drags him to a private BDSM club for the first time, he finally has a decision to make…continue to hide or take a chance on falling in love.

Knowing his fated mate is out there somewhere isn’t much consolation for an alpha Daddy who’s never been what most omegas are looking for. However, when a shy submissive is thrust into Jarrett’s arms during an altercation at the club, he knows things have finally turned around…but only if he can convince the small, bashful alpha that he’s worthy of his trust.

Sometimes secrets can drive people apart, but sometimes sharing those secrets is what can bring them together.

Story Contains: M/m romantic content, BDSM elements, age play with ABDL, and non-shifter alpha/alpha dynamics in an alpha/omega world.

Love & Secrets is a spin-off series from my Romance & Revolutions (alphas and omegas) series under the Shaw Montgomery side of my writing. The best way to enjoy the new series is to read them after reading the Romance & Revolutions books. My omegas are feisty and funny, and if you haven’t read about those guys, you’re missing out.
Consuming Redemption: Love in the North - J S Grey

Apparently time heals all wounds. Whoever came up with that saying obviously didn't go to school with Lukas Ford. After i made a stupid schoolboy error, Lukas Ford made it his mission to make me wish that i was never born. How can the one person who makes my life a daily living hell be the same person i can't stop wanting. I want to regret the day i first laid eyes on Lukas. I just need to bide my time and get the hell out of this high school.


After a life changing tragedy irrecoverably altered the lives of me and my family, I was left with no other decision to hide who I am to protect those i loved from coming to harm again. High school, is over, yet here i am years later haunted by the man whose face haunts my dreams. I messed up big time in high school, not this time though. One way or another, I am going to make Tyler Dane mine.
One More Summer - Hayden Hall
A house in need of repair. A boy in need of love.

Adam is sweet, sexy, and all-round irresistible. He was the love of my life, once. But that fling crashed in flames.

I haven't heard from him in ten years, until the day my estranged father passed away and Adam brought the news: I was now the owner of a summer house in Italy.

Adam is coming with me to repair the old house. And I'm burning up whenever I'm around him. The temptation to fall in love again is eating at my soul.

But I shouldn't let it happen. Our past is too complicated, and the memory of my father haunts every moment we spend together. Is he still the same boy I once loved? Am I?

I thought I was unlovable before Adam returned to my life. Father agreed.

Adam is the man who can restore the rundown summer house beyond its former glory. But can he fix my broken heart?
One More Summer is the third and final book in my One More Chance series, but it can be read on its own. It's a second chance, hurt-comfort, summer vacation romance set in Italian countryside. There is a lot of sweetness, steam, and a guaranteed HEA.
Must Love Demons - Meghan Maslow
You’d think being magically tethered to the hottest warden in all Verona wouldn’t be a hardship.

You’d be wrong.

Incubus Nico Azertiran has his dream job as a cherub-in-training. It’s the perfect position for a lust demon who’s more interested in happily-ever-afters than one-night stands. Or it would be, if he didn’t keep screwing it up. When a new cherub gadget misfires, Nico is left trussed to Verona’s most eligible warden, the incredibly grumpy, Sir Flame.

Flambeau Illume has a job to do. Someone’s murdering Verona’s rich and famous, and Sir Flame’s hot on the killer’s trail . . . until he has the misfortune to get magically lassoed to the most infuriating incubus he’s ever had the displeasure to meet. Except, maybe Nico isn’t so terribly awful. But how can he solve his case and keep Nico safe at the same time? Especially when the sweet demon seems to have a bullseye on his back.

Together they need to solve the crime, stay alive, and—if their luck changes—maybe even fall in love. Easy, right?
Must Love Demons is part of the Magic Emporium series. Each book stands alone, but each one features an appearance by Marden’s Magic Emporium, a shop that can appear anywhere, but only once and only when someone’s in dire need. This book contains explicit scenes, a lariat of love, a demon tail with a mind of its own, and a guaranteed HEA.
Most Wanted - Kelly Fox
Thane: Letting him go was the biggest mistake of my life. Giving me a second chance might be the biggest mistake of his.

I’d spent a year as Ronan’s friend-with-benefits, convincing myself that he could never feel the way I felt.

I was floored when those three little words flew out of his mouth.

So, I ran. And have regretted that decision every day for the last five years.

Now fate has led him back to me and to the Guardians, the merry band of mercenaries who have become my family.

Our last several missions have gone sideways, and Ronan is convinced that he needs to go back into the field to understand what our team is dealing with.

He’s putting himself in harm's way and we can’t keep our hands off each other.

God help me if anything happens to him.

Ronan: I can't think of anything more dangerous than giving my heart to a man who's already destroyed it.

Then again, I might not have much say in the matter.

My life’s been upended, and the only place that’s safe is with Thane and the Guardians.

It doesn't take us long to figure out that our passion burns just as hot as it always did.

Undeniable. Unstoppable.

I can't keep my hands off him, but I can't go back to being his friend with benefits.

And I have no clue how to trust him.

Thing is...if we could learn to trust each other, I might actually have something to offer this team of morally flexible do-gooders.
Most Wanted is a mercenary MM romance set in Austin, Texas. It features a gentle (if slightly murderous), muscle-bound giant, a beautiful, wickedly flexible man, and more chemistry than a high school science lab.

This is the third book in the Wrecked: Guardians Series. Several characters from the Wrecked series make an appearance, but you don’t need to read the Wrecked series to enjoy the slightly more nefarious Guardians.
99c Deals
These deals are valid only at the time of posting, so always double check the price before buying as prices can change rapidly. This is not a paid list or ads, but simply deals I’ve found and books I’m excited about reading. If you have a book you’d like to see listed, you can submit it, but that’s not a guarantee I’ll list it.
Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Most links will earn me a commission.
An Omega for Brewster - Corie Rosling
An Omega, broken and alone
An Alpha, afraid to love again


Five years ago, an accident turned my life upside down. It stole my parents, my hearing, my identity. I thought I was finally on my feet. New town, new job. Then, I met him.

My alpha. The one person who was supposed to be mine. Until he wasn’t.

Alone. Rejected. Can I find my way again? Or is this too much?


Twelve years ago, I married my best friend when he needed me most. We weren’t soulmates, but he was my world. Together, we built a life. Had a family. Until he was gone in an instant.

I struggled to raise our son alone, determined never to love again. Until I met him.

My omega. My soulmate. Until fear and confusion made me step back.

Can I risk the hurt of loving again? Or do I walk away forever?
Fight For This - Suki Fleet
Grey and Si have been dancing around one another for months.

Grey’s helpless attraction to fairies (and one fairy in particular) is a source of endless frustration—but as his energy can damage a fairy’s glamour, he can’t let himself get close.

Si is different to other fairies and he’s wearing down Grey’s defences. When Si discovers the Veil is thinning around the school where they both work—putting the students and teachers there at risk from detection—he needs Grey’s help to fix it.

Problem is, Si isn’t a true fairy, he’s just a magical mistake. For as long as he can remember all his glamour has done is messed up and broken stuff. Though Grey may be older and wiser about a lot of things in the human world, he’s pretty clueless about all things magical. He doesn’t even know the Veil exists until Si knocks himself unconscious trying to save Grey’s reputation after a night out.

But it’s funny how mistakes work out. Even funnier how trusting one another can help even the most impossible events turn out all right.
Fight for This by Suki Fleet features found family, opposites attract, forbidden love, slow burn, yearning, hurt/comfort, and gay fairies in love.
Painting with Fire - Lissa Kasey
A firefighter can battle a raging blaze, but the spark he discovers with his BFF’s nephew threatens to turn him to ash.
Charlie Fox’s job as a firefighter couldn’t have prepared him for the interest that flares between him and shy Bastian Hart. Since Bastian is Charlie’s best friend’s nephew, Charlie hesitates to get involved, but can’t help but be drawn to the young artist.

Bastian has created a sanctuary for himself on San Juan Island’s Friday Harbor to avoid his dysfunctional family. When a death in the family drags his aunt back home to stay with him, he never expects to meet a man like Charlie.

Will the flame between them ignite a real bond or fizzle out?
Note: This MM romance features a Native American firefighter, a spicy redhead with a passion for painting dolls, and a lot of family drama which ends up in a best friend's brother, hurt/comfort romance.
After Ben - Con Riley
No more kissing a ghost…
A year after the sudden death of his longtime partner, Ben, widower Theo Anderson is still grieving. The last thing he’s looking for is a new lover, but as Theo discovers, sometimes life has its own plans.

The strength of his attraction to fellow gym member Peter is surprising. So is how compelling he finds Morgan, a new friend he makes online. Morgan is witty and fierce on the internet forum they frequent, while EMT Peter is physically present in a way that’s hard to ignore.

Both men bring Theo closer to acceptance: he needs to lay Ben’s memory to rest if he’s to start afresh with a new lover.

Getting honest about the reasons for his yearlong isolation means confronting why he lost Ben… only just when he’s ready to commit, Theo finds he isn't the only one haunted by the past. Whether with Peter or with Morgan, choosing to love again—after Ben—might not be Theo’s toughest challenge.
Older and younger relationships, past abuse, and healing themes thread through this found-family gay romance novel.
Shadowmancer - Devin Harnois
Marius Everhart is something even mages fear — a shadowmancer. His power marks him as cursed, a creature belonging to the Queen of Shadows. Marius escaped her realm with his memories corrupted and his sanity in tatters, managing to live a fragile, lonely existence at the edges of society.

Some might call Ayodele Sauveterre delusional. He prefers the term “optimistic”. With his homeland in danger from invasion, Ayodele will do anything to protect it, even recruit a shadowmancer. Marius’s incredible power and gentle nature make him a perfect addition to Paladin Charm, a new mage guild dedicated to helping rather than exploiting the non-magical populace. The fact that handsome Marius also warms Ayodele’s bed is a wonderful bonus.

With support from Ayodele and his new friends in the guild, Marius begins to heal. He’s also quickly falling for the alluring mage, but Ayodele struggles with what’s forming between them. Past experience left Ayodele flippant but guarded, and Marius’s open honesty unnerves him.

As they grow closer, Paladin Charm prepares for a battle with impossible odds. And in the darkness, the Queen of Shadows waits to reclaim Marius and drag him back into a nightmare.
Catching Blue Jay - Jacy Braegan
Ghosting my best friend is my biggest regret. Will my past cost me my second chance?

Running. That’s what I’m good at. When Aidan kissed me for the first time, I not only ran, I moved and ghosted him, breaking all my promises to keep in touch. Locking eyes with him years later sends me running again.

As my past catches up to me, I know I’ve got to stop running. It’s not easy facing my fears. Am I brave enough to reach out for what I want?

I lost Aidan once. I can’t lose him again.
*** Catching Blue Jay is book one in the Oklahoma Hearts series. All books in the series can be read as standalones. Books my include side characters that may be in other books or share similar events, but they do not have to be read in order.
Longmead Woods Trilogy - Colbie Dunbar
Voices of the ancients whisper through the ages as Frederick, Duke of Longmead and Lord Nathaniel 'Nate' Elgin peel back the layers of darkness that envelope them and keep them apart.

Frederick, an alpha and a childhood friend of the king, spends his days on his estate but has never considered or needed a mate. But the nights are lonely so he heads to Hammond Manor to wallow in the company of omegas.

The omega, Nate, is an artist but subsidizes his work by swindling squires - though his evenings involve darker pursuits.

From their first meeting, the alpha and omega's lives are upended by lust, grief, dread and euphoria that hover and swirl around them.

And the ever-present woods, like Frederick and Nate's ancestors, stand proud and yet keep their secrets as the pair battle primeval urges, warnings and a prophesy as well as royals and nobles who try to destroy them and the kingdom.
The books in this trilogy are:
The Rogue's Secret
The Rogue's Baby
The Rogue's Dilemma
Hard Target - Kelly Fox
Everett: There are a ton of reasons why falling for my tiny, adorkable best friend is a terrible idea—starting with the body in my trunk.

I have other reasons—he still mourns his late husband, I’m way older, he’s a foot shorter, my tattoo shop is a front, he’s an assistant professor at UT.

Still, I can’t help but think we’d be perfect for each other if I didn’t kill people (very, very bad people) for a living.

Rafi: How the f*ck did I not realize how hot my best friend is? Yeah, grief, or whatever, but were my eyes not working?

Silver fox, check. Tattooed hotness, check. Cuddles with me on Monday nights while we watch Australian melodramas, check. Says he’s not a good person but totally is, check.

New goal: Get Everett to stop looking at me like a grieving widower and start seeing me as someone he’d like to pin against the wall.

Now if I only knew what was behind the door marked Portal to Nowhere…
Hard Target is a mercenary MM romance set in Austin and the Texas Hill Country. It features tattooed hotties, adorably complicated twinks, best friend antics, an illegally confiscated vineyard, and a team of killer do-gooders.

This is the first book in the Wrecked: Guardians Series. Several characters from the Wrecked series make an appearance, but the Guardians books can be read as stand-alones.
A Heart Back Home - Andrew Grey
Clay Kartwell loses his job and gets a call from his estranged father asking for his help back on the family farm, all on the same day. Clay knows he has to return home, even though it’s the last thing he wants to do. Some things back home are best left unremembered.
Dell Warrington was Clay’s unrequited high school crush and the man he least wants to see. He’s everything Clay remembered and more, including the father of four-year-old Archie. But Dell hasn’t had it easy either, and not everything is as it seems.
Clay sets out to save the farm and bring in the crops with Dell’s help. Old assumptions fall to the side as the two men reconnect, and the second chance that Clay never knew he wanted seems within his grasp. But Clay left the farm for a reason, and reconciliation with his stoic father won’t be easy. When his city life offers a new opportunity, he must decide whether to accept what he knows, or follow his heart.
Ship of Fools - Sophia Soames
Now re-edited with added content!

Andreas Mitchell is single, stupid and bored, and should honestly have a good long think about the number of bad life choices he has made lately. Instead, he heads straight for the one guy he knows will become his biggest mistake yet.

Luca Germano makes no choices at all. Instead, he lives quietly in the background and prefers the safety of his own hand to risking his heart. And someone as pretty and fearless as Andreas Mitchell is the last person on earth he should let into his life.

Especially at Christmas.
This is a work of fantasy and fiction. This story contains descriptions
of sexual role play and consensual violence, and elements of mild
BDSM, which are not intended to be taken seriously or imitate real
life. Please read with caution if these themes might trigger or
upset you.
Heir to a Curse - Lissa Kasey
Zach is running out of time to save the man fated to be his.
After losing a friend and inheriting her million-dollar home riddled with repair issues, Zach has his hands full. As a construction contractor he plans to make it the home she always wanted it to be. Except every time he fixes one thing, something else happens: fire, damage to the garden, and even mysterious lights making the staff whisper about ghosts. All linked to a historic Chinese shrine on the property.

When Zach catches a glimpse of a mystery man near the shrine, then dreams of monsters, he wonders if grief has driven him mad. But when a kiss awakens him to his past lives with an exiled lover, he begins to realize the only way out is to break the curse.
Sword Dance - A.J. Demas
Five years ago, Damiskos’s brilliant military career was cut short, leaving him with a permanent disability and scars that are not all physical. Adrift and still grieving, he tries to find meaning in an unsatisfying job.

Work takes him to the remote seaside villa of an old friend, where, among an odd assortment of guests, he meets the eunuch sword-dancer Varazda. Enigmatic and beautiful but distinctly prickly, Varazda is the antithesis of the straightforward and serious Damiskos. Yet as they keep getting in each other’s way at the villa, their mutual dislike is complicated by a spark of undeniable attraction.

Then the villa’s guests begin to reveal their true characters and motives—no one here is what they seem—and Damiskos finds himself at the centre of a bizarre web of espionage, theft, and assassination. Varazda may need Damiskos’s help, but not as much as Damiskos, finally awakening to a new sense of life and purpose, needs Varazda.
Sword Dance is the first book in the Sword Dance trilogy, an m/nb romance set in an imaginary ancient world, with murderous philosophy students, sex acts named after fruit, and love blossoming in the midst of mayhem.
These deals are valid only at the time of posting, so always double check the price before buying as prices can change rapidly. This is not a paid list or ads, but simply deals I’ve found and books I’m excited about reading. If you have a book you’d like to see listed, you can submit it, but that’s not a guarantee I’ll list it.
Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Most links will earn me a commission.
Burning For My Prince - Anna Wineheart
What happens when your baby's daddy crashes naked through your bathroom ceiling... and into your life?

A long time ago, York Davis made an online friend, and fell in love with him. Unbeknownst to York, FrogPrince100 was also a college professor. When they met to sate Prince's heat, Prince conceived. The very next day, Prince disappeared from York's life, shattering his heart.

Five years ago, Perry Larkin did something he shouldn't: he gave in to his desires and slept with his crush. The very first alpha to make him feel safe after much violent abuse from his exes. Thing was, York was sixteen years younger than Perry. To hide his identity, Perry wore a mask to their first and only meeting. Then, crippled by guilt, he left, taking their unborn child with him.

Fast forward to today: York is a firefighter who has sworn off love. Except his nervous new neighbor, Perry Larkin? He smells familiar. Perry feels familiar. York has no clue what FrogPrince looked like, but Perry can't be him.

Besides, Perry has a four-year-old son who can't be York's, because Prince had been on birth control that night... right?
Burning For My Prince is a 89,000-word standalone non-shifter MPreg novel with snake jokes, new uses for honey, and an adorable four-year-old. No cheating, no cliffhangers, but there definitely is a Happily Ever After.

Note: A list of trigger warnings is included in the Look Inside. If those are your triggers, please take care when reading!
His First Christmas - Victoria Sue
Running from an abusive alpha, terrified, and abandoned in the middle of a snowstorm, Bo Rawlings goes into premature labor. Desperate to try and save the life of his unborn child, he makes one last attempt to get to the omega clinic, but his old car has other ideas.
Gabe Johnson, exhausted from being on call as a veterinarian and depressed at the thought of another lonely Christmas, nearly gets run off the road by a driver who loses control of his car.
When he finds that the driver is actually a young omega about to give birth all his protective instincts rush in and as he battles frantically to save their lives, he realizes all he wants is to take the little family home and claim them for his own.
Bo has never had the Christmas he’s always wanted. Gabe gave up on the holidays a long time ago. But just as they both think that it’s their turn to experience the season of miracles, Bo’s old alpha finds them, and unless Gabe can manage the impossible, all their Christmas dreams will melt like snow.
Fresh As A Daisy Omega - Ava Beringer
You can’t fall in love in seventy-two hours. Can you?

Colby Dalton is a sassy, sweet omega who always gives his heart to the wrong alpha, and always way too fast. He gives away his body, too, confusing physical activities with love. Alphas only seem to want one thing, so he’s given up on being worthy of his dream mate. When hot, rich Preston Reid strolls into his life, Colby wants him to be the one. The problem? Preston’s from Chicago and leaves in three days. Will Colby play the fool and be abandoned yet again?

Preston Reid is a successful corporate alpha who has it all…except the dream mate to share his life with. After a lifetime of shallow relationships and fly-by-nights, he yearns for something real. He’s been a shark ever since he can remember. Now, he’s ready to be vulnerable with the perfect omega. When a rainstorm forces him into Miguel’s Fabulous Flowers, he takes one look at Colby and he’s a goner. Three days with Colby could never be enough, but is it too soon to admit he’s in love?

Three days doesn’t determine destiny…or does it? Can Colby overcome his insecurities to take a chance on love? Or will Preston leave Primrose Keep and break their bond forever?
This is the first book in the Omegas In Bloom series. It has a HEA. This book contains occasional strong language, MPREG/Omegaverse, and hot, spicy grownup stuff. 18+ readers only please! The omegas are heating up and the alphas are very knotty boys. Get a FREE short story when you join the newsletter family!
Alpha's Surprise Baby - Skyler Snow
Declan burns is content with his life, well as content as you can be when you turn thirty-five and have no alpha or pups on the horizon.

He’s managed to get everything else in his life under control... everything but his heats.

Colten’s always had a crush on his dad’s older omega friend. There was just something about the man that called to him, and it was only getting worse. His scent was driving Colt’s wolf crazy.

Fated mated are a thing of the past, at least so he’s been told, but his wolf knows what he wants, and that’s Declan.

What happens when these two are thrown together and Declan’s heat makes it hard for them to resist each other?

Can they figure out their bond before it’s too late, or will outside forces and their own stubbornness keep them from the most precious gift the fates could give?
Alpha's Surprise Baby is book one of the Burns Brothers Series. It contains a grumpy omega who turns soft, a young alpha with heart and lots of knotty fun. No cheating and a HEA that's sweet as small town pie.
Love at Blind Date Complete Series - Loreli M. Hart and Colbie Dunbar
Box set!
You can now read the entire Love at Blind Date Series all in one place.

Love at Blind Date is a super sweet with knotty heat 4 book M/M Mpreg romance featuring men who find their true love thanks to nosy neighbors, co-workers, and even a dating app they never intended to use. Read as four couples find their happy ever after, complete with a little bundle of joy.
If you love your men strong and your mpreg with heart, the popular Love at Blind Date series by the cowriting team, Lorelei M. Hart and Colbie Dunbar, is for you.
Undercover Omega - Skye R. Richmond
Sixteen is too young to have a baby.
Your life will be over if you keep him.
No alpha will want an omega with a child.

Riley did as he was told and gave up his child even though it nearly killed him.

Now it’s four years later and watching from afar should be enough… Until the perfect opportunity presents itself.

Being his son’s nanny is more fulfilling than he ever expected. Falling for his adoptive alpha father? That’s definitely not part of the plan.

When the truth comes out, will Grayson forgive him or will he lose his son and the man he loves?
His Royal Mate - Brea Alepoú
True mates are found in the most unlikely of places.

Kash is Royalty

Kash doesn’t want to believe Dezi is his fated mate. But that’s okay. Dezi is patient and if the fates are going to grant him a beautiful man he’s more than willing to work for it.

Dezi is majestic

Kash had no plans on being mated, especially not to a lion shifter who feels too good to be true. He needs to be wary of Dezi’s charming smile and his warm hugs, but it’s hard to stay on guard when just being around Dezi calms him.

Tender moments, surprises, and reunions. The good and bad, they are in this together.
(His Royal Mate MM Mpreg shifter romance food, love, and happiness. Novel of pure adorable love.)
Mating of Convenience - Ann-Katrin Byrde
Nathan and Raphael were friends first, then lovers, then…nothing, when Raphael left to pursue his dreams of becoming a tattoo artist. But only one year after Raphael makes it out of his small-town home, bad news descends on him. His useless father has gotten their family into debt so deep it would take a thousand years to dig them out. With his siblings on the brink of becoming homeless, Raphael turns to his estranged but wealthy grandmother for help, and receives a deal: If he settles down and marries, he'll free his siblings of the debt.

When Raphael asks Nathan for a favor--to enter a marriage of convenience--Nathan agrees. After all, he's doing it so he can start his own pet shop, right? Wrong. Nathan just can't say no to the man who used to be his best friend--the man he's still secretly yearning for, even as he's doing his best to hide that fact. After all, he knows better now than to fall for Raphael again.

Haunted by the loss of their past relationship, Raphael regrets breaking Nathan's heart. Scars from the past are never easy to heal, though, and the more time he spends with his new husband, the harder it gets for Raphael to deny the sparks that Nathan ignites in him. Except... this is just a pretend relationship, isn't it?
This is an mpreg book.