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Le Garçon du Professeur by Nora Phoenix
French Edition of Professor Daddy
Hagen ne voulait pas être le Dom de Baxter. Il voulait être son Daddy.

Le professeur Hagen St Croix avait tiré un trait sur sa vie de Dom depuis que ses deux garçons précédents l’avaient quitté. Pourtant, lorsque son ancien club organise un événement, il ressent l’envie d’y aller… mais pas en étant seul. Il trouve l’idée d’embaucher quelqu’un pour un rencard, une sorte d’escort de dating, mais tombe des nues en se rendant compte qu’il s’agit de son étudiant le plus sexy Baxter Lafelle. Il est d’autant plus surpris par les sentiments que ce dernier fait naître en lui.

Lorsque leurs destins se heurtent de plein fouet, Hagen se rend compte qu’il ne veut pas être son Dom. Il veut être son Daddy… mais le laissera-t-il faire ? Et que se passera-t-il lorsque leur contrat s’achèvera ?
Seths Freundschaft by Nora Phoenix
German Edition of Friends
Seth ist total verwirrt. Wenn Coulson heterosexuell ist, warum checkt er dann Seth ab?

Seth ist mit Leib und Seele Secret Service-Agent, und er macht kein Geheimnis daraus, schwul zu sein. Als er gebeten wird, das FBI bei einer Untersuchung zu unterstützen, trifft er auf den FBI-Agenten Coulson.

Coulson ist hetero. Jedenfalls behauptet er das und Seth hat keinen Grund, Coulsons Behauptung infrage zu stellen, auch nicht, als sie enge Freunde werden. Richtig enge Freunde. Denn das ist alles, was sie sind: Freunde. Oder?

Als Seth feststellt, dass er jedes Mal, wenn Coulson in der Nähe ist, er seinen rein platonischen Freund ein wenig zu genau unter die Lupe nimmt – vor allem ein ganz bestimmtes sehr beeindruckendes Körperteil – und bemerkt, dass Coulson dasselbe mit ihm macht, beginnt er sich zu fragen, ob Coulson wirklich so hetero ist, wie er behauptet. Coulsons Interesse an seinem Dating-Leben, seinen Vorlieben im Bett und seinen One-Night-Stands, weit über das hinausgeht, was man unter Freundschaft versteht. Könnte es also sein, dass Coulson doch nicht so hetero ist, wie er Seth weismachen will?

Neue Entdeckungen, die sie bei ihren beruflichen Ermittlungen machen, werfen nur noch mehr Fragen zu den kürzlichen Geschehnissen auf. Wer steckt wirklich hinter dem Attentat? Wieso konnte es nicht vereitelt werden? Und die wichtigste Frage überhaupt: Was planen die Terroristen als Nächstes?
Gideon by Macy Blake
Gideon is a centuries-old vampire warrior with a broken heart...

Which is why he’s vowed never to risk it again. Instead, he’s channeled his passion and his legendary self-control into becoming a skilled protector -- one who’s promised to wield his sword alongside a young wolf shifter leader on a mission from the mysterious Oracle to protect the human realm against the broken magic that threatens its very existence. He’s doing just fine without love, thank you very much… at least until his incubus ex reappears in his life.

Taj is an incubus without a home…

And that is every bit as unpleasant as it sounds. Banished to the human realm, Taj is learning the hard way that survival is for the fittest and, um… he’s not as fit as he thought he was. Not when his past keeps coming back to haunt him. Still, it’s only when another incubus is involved in a series of brutal attacks and Taj’s ex, Gideon, rides to the rescue that Taj learns just how dangerous this human realm might be to his life... and to his heart.

But although the fire between Gideon and Taj burns hotter than ever, they’ll need to break through the wall of secrets that divides them if they want a chance to set things right...

A second chance for the human realm.

A second chance at finding a home in the welcoming arms of their new pack.

And a second chance at building a future… together.
Elliot, Song Of The Soulmate by Anyta Sunday
When you have the love of your life, you hold on tight.
You don’t let go.

Debate champ extraordinaire Elliot Anneston is a master in persuasion. He wins at everything. Until he meets sexy Scottish transfer Wentworth McAllister. Suddenly he doesn’t know what’s up and what’s up. The world is a whirlwind of feeling, and when it comes to the debate of his life, to lose is inevitable. How can he not, when his argument is a lie?
I can’t love you. I don’t.

When you lose the love of your life, you don’t get a second chance.
Or do you?
Guardian by Charity Parkerson
Two men with equally dark pasts. A second chance at love… if they don’t ruin it.
Since Kage’s husband died four years ago, he’s been focused on a new dream. All he wants is to make enough money to buy an RV and travel the country to find himself again. Thankfully, his boss, Silas, always has extra work for him. What he doesn’t know is Silas also has a different plan for Kage’s future. Silas knows exactly what Kage needs, or rather who Kage needs to finally find peace.

A year ago, Tommy’s ex-lover slit Tommy’s throat and left him for dead. Without Silas, Tommy doesn’t know where he would have ended up afterward. The attack left him unable to speak above the quietest whisper. He’s a skittish mess. He’s trying to live again, but it’s not going well. Tommy is learning sign language, but no one else around him knows it. Life is just harder than he ever dreamed. Then he meets Kage.

When a natural born guardian meets a broken angel, sparks will fly. But will their pasts break them again before they have time to heal?
Sleepwalker by Rachel Ember
Oliver delights in control—at work as a top-tier lawyer, at home as a happy bachelor, and in the bedroom as a demanding Dom. That control slips when he meets Cujo, a stray Chihuahua who is just as vicious as she is tiny. Luckily, Blake, the young artist and dog-walker who comes to Oliver’s aid, is a miracle worker. When Oliver works late or has to travel, Blake is a text away. When Cujo needs a sweater or allergy medicine and growls in that way that promises bloodshed, Blake is there to save the day.

It hasn’t escaped Oliver’s attention that in addition to being useful, Blake is also smart, funny, and sexy. But Oliver can control himself, no matter how wild his imagination runs when he considers what he’d like to do with Blake. Besides, what are the odds that Blake’s tastes would intersect with Oliver’s very specific kinks?

Blake’s life is kind of a mess. He has nothing to show for his art degree except a portfolio reminding him that now, every time he gets in front of a canvas, he’s struck with a splitting headache before he can create anything worthwhile. His dog-walking business isn’t much of a business, really—it doesn’t pay the bills—but it’s the only thing he’s done lately that he feels good about. Things don’t seem like they could get any more bleak, and then he’s busted for marijuana possession.

And when he’s escorted to the courtroom in cuffs, the last person he expects to see on the bench in judge’s robes is Oliver... the dog-walking client he’s had a crush on since the day they met.
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These deals are valid only at the time of posting, so always double check the price before buying as prices can change rapidly. This is not a paid list or ads, but simply deals I’ve found and books I’m excited about reading. If you have a book you’d like to see listed, you can submit it, but that’s not a guarantee I’ll list it.
Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Most links will earn me a commission.
My Ghost Roommate by Daryl Banner
Is "straight ghost bromance" a thing ...?

I'm completely infatuated with Byron, the gorgeous, tight-shirted barista at the coffee shop on the corner.
But he doesn't even know my name. That's probably because I can't seem to form a sentence in front of him without stammering like a total loser.

I obviously need help.

I just didn't expect that help to come in the form of an obnoxious straight ghost who haunts my apartment.

He is the absolute worst roommate I never asked for. He's cocky, self-assured, and the lessons in confidence he wants to give me are questionable.

But if I have any hope of scoring a date this Halloween with Byron, I'm going to need my ghost roommate's help.

I'm ready to do whatever it takes to get the guy.
Tame Me by Jayda Marx
Archie is a fox shifter who has only ever known a wild life of living off the land, as he's forbidden to pass boundaries set by his Alpha. He's never been valued or appreciated, all because of birthright and ignorance. He's been tossed aside by his family and used by his skulk until he can no longer see his own worth. But with Fate's intervention, a little luck, and a lot of bravery, Archie finds a new life filled with friends, comfort, and a perfect mate.

Evan is a kind, creative soul. He spends his days making beautiful glass art and living a peaceful life with his friends in his coven. But when Fate delivers his mate in the form of a scared, endangered fox shifter, Evan must put peace aside and fight to protect his true love.
Just a Little Heartache by Merry Farmer
London playwright Niall Cristofori stands on the verge of becoming one of the most celebrated authors of his generation with the highly-anticipated production of his latest work, Love’s Last Lesson. But Love has a few lessons left to teach Niall himself. He has never been able to get over his first love, the man who made his world come alive ten years ago, then left him heartbroken.

Lord Blake Williamson, Duke of Selby’s life has fallen apart spectacularly. He has always toed the line, doing his duty, no matter how difficult it is. But now his family is disgraced after his brother’s involvement in a child kidnapping ring, his wife has discovered the truth about his preferences and left him, and worst of all, she has taken his beloved children with her. With nowhere else to turn, Blake reaches out to the man he has never stopped longing for.

Niall agrees to help Blake get his children back, but is a second chance at love possible with so much heartache to overcome? Will the mistakes and regrets of the past prove too destructive, or will Blake finally be able to make things right and hold onto what truly matters?
Kiss Me Forever by M.J. O'Shea

Avery Cook is a professor. A historian. Logical to a fault. He's spent his career researching the mysterious side of New Orleans. Superstitions, legends, and lore.

Avery has an academic explanation for all of them...Until one night when he walks into a bar and his life changes.

In a sea of impossibly beautiful people Tyson stands out like there's some kind of otherworldly glow about him. He sweeps Avery off his feet with his old-world charm and romantic ways. Avery falls fast and hard. But there's something dark in Tyson too. Something that's just below the surface.

When Avery digs deeper, he discovers Tyson is part of a world that only existed on the pages of books... a world full of witches, vampires, ancient people who saw the city of New Orleans grow up around them.

Tyson's world is magical. It's sexy. It draws Avery in further with every breath he takes.But most of all? It's dangerous. And it doesn't take Avery long to find that out first hand. But what's a little danger when there's also love like Avery's never felt before?
These deals are valid only at the time of posting, so always double check the price before buying as prices can change rapidly. This is not a paid list or ads, but simply deals I’ve found and books I’m excited about reading. If you have a book you’d like to see listed, you can submit it, but that’s not a guarantee I’ll list it.
Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Most links will earn me a commission.
Beneath the Opal Arc by Lee Colgin
As the battle rages around him, Laurence stops to witness a witch casting a powerful magical arc. Werewolves race past, running for cover, but Laurence can’t tear his gaze from the vulnerable spellcaster.

When Remy is injured, he doesn’t expect a vampire to come to his rescue. What is he to Laurence if not dinner? But Laurence carries him to safety, ensures he gets treatment, and protects him from a pack of angry werewolves.

No one knows how long the magical arc will only hold. Frightened by what might happen when it falls, Remy needs to escape the frontlines and find a safe haven before his own people hunt him down for treason.

As sparks fly between the unlikely pair, can they find solace in love, or will the supernatural war claim two more victims?
Misdemeanor by C F White
Life isn’t always responsible.

After his mother tragically dies and his deadbeat father goes off the rails, nineteen-year-old Micky is left to care for his disabled little brother. Juggling college, a dead-end job and Flynn’s special needs means Micky has to put his bad-boy past behind him and be the responsible adult to keep his brother out of care. He doesn't have time for anything else in his life.

Still scarred from a past relationship that went bad, Dan’s not looking to complicate his life. Everything tells him he should stay away from Micky but he’s powerless in the face of his overwhelming attraction to his newest staff member. Especially when he begins to peel off Micky's layers to reveal the true man beneath the façade.

As their attraction builds, revealing more of themselves to one another, each is faced with a stark question: Can Micky allow himself to follow his heart, and can Dan risk falling in love with someone so tempestuous?
Forbidden Moon by Alexander Elliott
Wolf shifters have kept the secret of their existence for centuries, living in harmony with their human neighbors. Now, a secretive blogger threatens to expose them to the world. While efforts are made to find the dangerous human, packs everywhere tighten their security. Meanwhile, Gladstone is plagued by a series of attacks by unknown assailants. Threatened on every side, Ben must find a way to protect his people or risk losing everything.

Amid the danger, Jonah discovers his long-awaited mate. Trouble is, he’s not what anyone expected. What should have been a joyous union is marred by secrets and deception, presenting Ben and the pack with a difficult problem. Will Jonah’s unconventional mating bring happiness, or has Luna made a serious error?
Fresh Start by Rhys Everly
He was my first love. Will he be my last?
Going home after twenty years was supposed to be a short stop. Before following my dreams.

Instead, I’m forced to face my past... and the ex that betrayed me.

Dawson Eldred.
• Hollywood superstar.
• America’s most eligible bachelor.
• And the jerk that walked out on me.

Seeing him again opens old wounds. But the spark is still alive.
We failed being in a relationship once.
Should I even give him a second chance?
Halloween Dragon by Liv Rider
Cameron loves nothing more than Halloween.

To Cameron, Halloween is the best time of the year, from the candy and decorations to dressing up and scaring visitors in a haunted maze. When an investor is about to end Halloween Fest forever by buying the farm that hosts it, Cameron will fight to the end. He's not sure why someone who's never seen a horror movie in his life wants to be his ally-and-a-whole-lot-more, but he's not going to turn down a hot, dedicated guy like Parker, even if they have nothing in common.

Parker loves nothing more than his job.

Dragon shifter Parker Blackburn doesn't have time to spend his evening in a haunted maze with his friends. There's a district of shifters depending on him to find a solution to their problems and arguments, and Parker is wholly dedicated to his job. But when he meets his fated mate -- still gorgeous even dressed as a zombie and trying to scare him -- Parker has to learn a new set of skills. How to talk to a massive horror movie geek who doesn't know anything about shifters, for one.

When Parker reveals the truth about himself, what little common ground Cameron thought they had is turned upside down. With Parker flying high and Cameron feeling low, they'll have to find their way back to each other in order to save the farm -- and maybe their relationship too.
Sugar Rush by Octavia Zane
After Cole loses his job, he needs to make money fast. His best friend suggests a sugar auction . . . where rich older men are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a date with hot young guys.

Cole is shocked to run into his old high school enemy Isaac at the auction, and even more shocked when handsome Isaac places the winning bid on him! They can’t get along with one another but they can’t stay away either, their mutual chemistry getting more and more explosive at each meeting. Cole doesn’t want Isaac’s money, just Isaac, but will ditching their sugar arrangement to become true lovers ruin their fiery connection?