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Born This Way - Macy Blake
Even a human like me knows that to a shifter, pack is everything. So when my best friend asks me to check up on her brother—a lion/tiger hybrid who was been banished from his own pride—I agree...

And find out I’m his fated mate.

Hart’s been through a lot, and I know it. The circumstances of his birth made him an outcast, and those scars run deep. He’s also got a million excuses for why he never came back to claim me the way he says he wanted to.

But when he sees me on his doorstep and suddenly decides to make up for lost time… well, let’s just say I’m not falling for it.

Claiming is a forever thing. And nothing about Hart Sherman with his fancy career and solitary lifestyle says he wants forever with small-town guy like me.

If he wants me to believe he’s serious, he’ll have to prove it. By finding a place in the pride for the amazing man he made himself… and for the liger he was born to be.
Beautiful Boy - Skyler Snow
Daddy kink. 'Nuff said.
Beautiful. Sweet. Bratty. Aaron is a boy worth saving.

Red had no idea what he was getting himself into when his boss, Diego, assigned him to watch the much younger Aaron. Keep him safe, keep him out of trouble. Those were his orders. It was supposed to be easy, but Aaron is as wild as he is beautiful. And Red finds himself protecting Aaron for more reasons than a paycheck.

Stripper turned social media star Aaron is taking the world by storm. The limelight is what he’s wanted for a long time, so why does it feel so hollow? New friends, new problems, and a new number one fan all weigh on his shoulders. And to top it off, he has to deal with Red. The cranky, bossy, hot as hell bodyguard whose actions scream DADDY.

A boy out of control. A Daddy who wants to tame him. Can they work together to find the love they both deserve? And can Red keep Aaron safe as danger lurks in the shadows?
Beautiful Boy contains triggers of addiction and drug abuse. Please do not read if you are sensitive to the subject. Check the inside before you read please!
Press One for Fake Boyfriend - Joe Satoria
Worlds collide when Wyatt hires Kane to be his fake boyfriend.

Wyatt Scott is a highly strung pastry chef who owns a patisserie with dreams of expansion. He always gets what he wants, the exception being a boyfriend.

Kane Dixon is an easy-going creative soul who moonlights as an escort. He’s saving to open a pottery studio and continue to make phallic statues.

Coming together for a three-day weekend, Wyatt finds comfort in Kane’s relaxed hands, and Kane finds his dreams waking in Wyatt’s passion and ambition.

There’s just one problem. Kane is an escort; he can’t fall in love with his employer.
PRESS ONE FOR FAKE BOYFRIEND is a fake boyfriends to lovers gay romance. Set in England. HEA ending.
Inevitable - Briar Prescott
The three of us were never impossible. We were always inevitable.

When Drew meets Ezra, he doesn’t expect much. A one-night stand and a quick goodbye in the morning. That’s how these things usually go. Only there’s nothing usual about Ezra and the connection that forms between them.
When Ezra meets Drew, he doesn’t expect much. A distraction and parting as strangers after a night of meaningless fun. That’s how these things usually go. Only there’s nothing meaningless about Drew and the relentless spark between them that just refuses to disappear.
When Bas meets Ezra… things get complicated. As if being hopelessly in love with his best friend isn't painful enough. Throw in an unexpected friendship that develops with the one-time hookup of said best friend, and the results are messy at best.
But sometimes beautiful things emerge from messy and complicated beginnings, and where two isn't enough, three might be just perfect.
Yes, Captain - Ann Grech
A cruise ship captain with an unbreakable rule. A dancer who tempts him to toss the rulebook overboard…

Will Preston lives by one edict: don’t date staff.
But the new dancer onboard has the silver fox sailing into unchartered waters. Young, sexy, and with a penchant for lipstick and heels, the man pushes all Will’s buttons.
It’s not just the tropical sun that’s heating things up; their chemistry is sizzling.

Will’s been burned before. Can he throw caution to the wind and chart a new course with Eddie by his side? Or will an interfering crew-member steer them into stormy seas?
Yes, Captain is a stand-alone, steamy age-gap MM romance set on a cruise ship in the South Pacific, with a flirty dancer who loves pole dancing and his shy captain. Yes, Captain was previously published as Dance With Me. This re-release includes over 30,000 words of never-before-seen bonus content.
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These deals are valid only at the time of posting, so always double check the price before buying as prices can change rapidly. This is not a paid list or ads, but simply deals I’ve found and books I’m excited about reading. If you have a book you’d like to see listed, you can submit it, but that’s not a guarantee I’ll list it.
Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Most links will earn me a commission.
Always Been You - Nic Starr
What if you fell in love with your best friend?

Ben Cooper has spent his life trying to make others happy and sacrificing his own dreams. When one fateful night with his best friend gives him a glimpse of what the future could be, he needs to find the courage to follow his heart.

One night gives Spencer Henderson a tantalising taste of the man he loves. But he doesn't fit into Ben's future plans--Spence is a complication. Running may be the only option to protect his heart.

With trouble escalating at home and Spence out of reach, Ben's life will finally spiral out of control.
Always Been You is a standalone M/M romance between best friends who fear taking the next step in their relationship and need to find the courage to risk it all for their HEA. It features an emotional hurt/comfort theme.

Note: This story has been previously published (as It's Not Easy). This edition has been revised, expanded, and re-edited, adding approximately 9k words, but the story largely remains unchanged. It is approximately 41k words.
Defined By Deceit - A.E. Via
Life isn't always fair, and that’s something that Llewellyn Gardner knows about first hand. His life was on the fast track until one night of extreme passion changed everything. Now eight years later, he’s still living with the aftershocks of that night. Everywhere he turns or runs, there’s another reminder. What the hell do you do when you try to drown your demons only to find out they can swim?

Shane Smith, Jr. owner of Smith Construction, could see the emotional turmoil within his new employee — it’s why he hired him. There was something about the gorgeous, misunderstood man with the overly expressive eyes that came to their small town with a past no one was willing to overlook. Shane could see the good in Llewellyn, and those eyes of his were a clear window to his soul. Shane wasn't going to let the man live a future of solitude because his past had been plagued with deceit.

Llewellyn wasn’t sure what to think about Shane. After years of protecting himself from being tricked twice, he was now faced with worry again. What would happen to him if Shane didn’t believe his truth, and walked away? Llewellyn wasn’t sure he'd be able to survive being left alone. Again.
Sam - Luke Harris
To the outside world, Tom is everything a young man should be: handsome, successful, athletic, ... popular. With a beautiful girl on his arm, a promising career, and a place in the first fifteen, he is the envy of all his friends. Yet when Tom meets Sam, one sunny December afternoon, a train of events is set in motion that will change both of their lives for ever.
A tale of love, betrayal, heartache, and hope. A testament to how one chance encounter can change everything.
Killer - V.C. Lancaster
Wilson Carlyle is an omega in need of an alpha. Not just any alpha, but one with a special set of skills. Wil needs a killer.

A year ago, his parents were murdered by his cousin Dominic, who is in debt and in trouble. Expecting an inheritance that didn't come, Dominic is now after Wil and his company, and he will do anything to get them.

Protection from Dominic isn't enough for Wil, he wants revenge, which is why he needs an alpha mate to stage a legal murder in self-defence. To make absolutely sure, he spends a quarter of a million dollars on Jack, a feral alpha from an illegal alpha-fighting ring. With blood already on his hands, Wil is promised Jack is exactly what he needs. He doesn't care about the personal cost of mating an alpha like that as long as he gets what he wants: Dominic's head on a plate. After that, Jack is free to go with enough money to make all his dreams come true. That's the plan, anyway.

But what happens when Jack turns out to be a good guy, who loves his mother and wants to love his omega? When he's upset to discover their mating isn't what he thought it was? When he isn't happy being asked to kill one last time, and Wil realises he might have miscalculated?
Note: This book is set in world different from ours, one in which male omegas can get pregnant. That said, Wil and Jack responsibly practice safe sex, so male pregnancy does not feature in their story, though the biology of it is discussed.
REWIND - Rowan Shaw
Book two and four of this series are 99c as well. Some have MF content as well, so make sure to read the blurbs carefully.
The day Enzo Chevalier lost his hearing, everything changed. Forced to rebuild his future and fight for his dreams, Enzo refused to let anything take him down...until the man of his life walked out on him and shattered his heart.

Florian Beaudry had his whole life figured out. His business was flourishing and everything was settling down at last. Or so he believed...until he walked in on his girlfriend and best friend.

Still on the rebound and unable to trust another man, Enzo never expected a chance encounter with Florian. The one person he thought he would never see again. The one person he missed the most.

Were they truly meant to get a second chance or were they doomed from the start?
REWIND is a bisexual romance novel set entirely in France. Though part of a series, it is a standalone story without a cliffhanger.

Warning for readers triggered by homophobia, biphobia, ableism, and emotional abuse.

Check the Interactive Pages inside the book for the complete glossary, maps, list of characters, and more...
Choice on Fire - Zach Jenkins
Why can everyone find love except me?

One after the other, firefighter Brick Swan has watched his buddies at the station find their Mr. Rights… so why can’t he? Maybe a short, sexy fling will shake him out of his dating funk, and who better to do it with than his hotter-than-sin military pen pal, Maxwell?

On-the-job danger is all in a day’s work, but the idea of settling down? Terrifying.

Maxwell Hope works hard and plays harder. When he’s not kicking down doors in Afghanistan, photography gives him a chance to see a calmer side of the world than his eight years in the Army have shown him. When it comes to men, Maxwell's family history has convinced him that serious relationships only end up hurting everyone involved. But no-strings sex? Yes, please.

I thought love was bad enough, but now people are trying to KILL us?

With a homophobic arsonist on the loose and casual sex turning into something deeper, Brick and Maxwell are forced to take a hard look at what they really want from each other. Sticking together may not just be what their hearts burn for… it may also be the only way for them to stay alive.
Choice on Fire is a steamy, standalone romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhangers.
In this Bed of Snowflakes we Lie - Sophia Soames
Oskar Høiland hides from life. It just makes things easier that way, not having to face all the fears and drama of living. He avoids other people, because Oskar has grown up fearing the snide remarks and the quick glances that strip him of the tiny scraps of confidence he still has left. He is just going to keep existing. Work hard to complete his medical degree and perhaps watch a few more series on Netflix in peace and quiet over Christmas.

Erik Nøst Hansen should be an almost fully-fledged adult. He should be able to sort out the mess that festers in his head and stop lying. It’s just hard. And it’s bloody terrifying to even acknowledge the thoughts that swirl around in his head at night when he can’t sleep. He also needs to figure out how to talk to the boy downstairs. The one with the golden curls and the crooked smile. The boy who is completely monopolising Erik’s messed-up heart.
A story of falling in love and being brave. A Christmas tale with a difference, set in the university dorms of central Oslo, where lies are uncovered, snowflakes are falling all over the place, and beds are made to lie in. There is a slightly unconventional family. A mess of animal onesies. Too much food and a very Merry Christmas.

Second Edition, fully re edited with no added content.
Idriador Chronicles - Colbie Dunbar
Box set. Mpreg.
What happens when you discover your entire life’s been a lie?

Seb, a wealthy alpha, is locked up with Max, an omega who’s been running away from his family and his past. The alpha’s pet piglet, Trixie, befriends the omega, but Seb resists Max’s tempting aroma, preferring an uncomplicated, single lifestyle.

Max is also wary of getting romantically involved with his new boss and vows to keep their relationship professional.

But plans go awry, and one of the pair is not ready to accept his fate.

Woven through the narrative is the constant threat from Max’s father which sends the trio---alpha, omega and piglet-- fleeing across Idriador.

Motorbikes, Shakespeare, apples and limericks spice up their lives as the alpha and omega journey from strangers, to co-workers, to lovers and finally to parents.

And lemons! This is Seb and Max’s secret code word for when the world doesn’t make sense—which it often doesn’t.
The books in this bundle are:
The Alpha’s Vow
The Alpha’s Word
The Alpha’s Bond
Better Be Sure - Andy Gallo and Anyta Sunday
Orphan Jackson Murphy just staked his legacy on a bet.
Holy shit, his impulsive ass is in trouble.

Bring a guy to the fraternity formal? Pfft. Easy. Won’t be him kicked out of the house.

So what if his luck with guys on campus has been shitty? Ed Knowles is Jack’s winning ticket.

Tall, handsome, hardworking—and he doesn’t go to Harrison.

With every stolen look, every secret kiss, every clandestine touch Ed becomes more than just an answer to a bet.

These cloak-and-dagger meetings that set Jack on fire? They mask one tiny, enormous obstacle: Ed’s not out. Can’t attend the dance.
What does Jack do now?
Hold on to his legacy… or his heart?
"Better Be Sure" is a sweet, slow burn M/M romance with a heart-pounding HEA. This New Adult, college, opposite sides of the tracks novel can be read as a standalone and in any order.

This is a previously published title, first released in 2019. The publisher has changed.
His Horizon - Con Riley
Temperatures rise when there are two cooks in Jude’s kitchen...

Jude’s drowning when he can’t save his family business single-handed. The last person he expects to throw a lifeline is Rob, a rival chef who once beat him to first place in a cooking contest.

Two chefs working together won’t be easy. Not when Rob is everything Jude isn’t—popular, extroverted, and a one-time hook-up. What’s worse is that Rob wears his heart on his sleeve while Jude’s still in the closet.

Jude’s dilemma doesn’t end there. Rob’s rescue package comes with conditions that mean sharing everything from the profits to Jude’s sleeping quarters. 

Sleeping with the enemy will either be a disaster or signal a much brighter future, but only if Jude can meet Rob’s final condition and love him in the open.
Featuring opposites who attract, rivals to lovers, and an out-for-you storyline dripping with hurt-comfort feelings, His Horizon is the first in a shared-world series of standalone MM romance novels from Con Riley.
One More Spin - Hayden Hall
I’m snowed in with my crush. What could go wrong?

Michael is funny, confident, and drop-dead gorgeous. He’s also straight. He made that clear five years ago when I kissed him.

It was the last time he spoke to me. It took a continent between us to calm my aching heart.

He danced back into my life now when nobody else could help me, offering a chance to be my friend again. Or is he offering more? Getting stuck in his mountain cabin is more than I can take.

The snow won’t chill the ache. If we don’t get out of here soon, I might just do something stupid.

He’s going out of his way to atone for the way he treated me and I feel my resolve breaking. I can’t always be the one doing the smart thing.

Something stupid… Here I come.
One More Spin is the second book in my Loving Again series, but can be read on its own. It includes second chance, forced proximity, gay for you/bisexual awakening tropes and no relationship angst. Steam runs high, but so does the sweetness. HEA is, as always, guaranteed.
Moonlight Becomes You - M.J. O'Shea and Piper Vaughn
Book two in this series is free and book three is 99c as well. Both are listed separately.
Can't forget the boy he left behind. Can't seem to win the respect of the man he's crazy about. Shane Ventura might be rich and famous... but his love life is a disaster waiting to happen.

Eleven years ago, Shane Ventura made the biggest mistake of his life.

He caved in to pressure from his record label to kick his best friend, Jesse Seider, out of their band, Luck. To this day, Shane has never wanted anyone more. All the sex, drugs, and rock n' roll can't fill the void Jesse left behind. Not even the prospect of teaming up with Britain's hottest band, Moonlight, for a massive world tour can get him out of his funk.

Then he meets singer Kayden Berlin and falls into Instant lust.

Kayden may act like he's not interested but Shane knows he feels the spark between them. Yet the harder Shane pushes, the more Kayden pulls away, until on explosive night leaves Shane with a broken heart.

That seems to be his lot in -- lucky at everything but love.

Shane still has one lesson left to learn: when it comes to love, you can't always leave things to chance.
Moonstruck - M.J. O'Shea and Piper Vaughn
Book one is 99c as well, and book two is free. Both are listed separately.
One night between them would never be enough...
Moonlight. Luck. Two massive bands with huge international followings. One epic, historic collaboration.

Should be a no brainer, right? And it would be. For sure.

Except Moonlight drummer Surya Patel slept with Luck's manager during their combined tour last summer and then bolted in the dead of night. Not exactly cool, he knows, and he's regretted it ever since. Surya's also been avoiding his proximity. For obvious reasons.

Of course when the label sends someone to talk Surya into cooperating, it's Em, the manager, the one night stand... the guy who's caused Surya months and months of regret.

Em is frustratingly professional. Charming. Gorgeous. He drives Surya wild. It doesn't take Surya long to realize what they had was far, far more than sex. The heat between him and Em burns too brightly. Surya will never be satisfied with just one night.

He wants forever.
Galaxies and Oceans - N.R. Walker
Gah, this book is so freaking good. ALL the feels.
Seizing his one chance to escape, Ethan Hosking leaves his violent ex-boyfriend, leaves his entire life, and walks into the path of a raging bushfire. Desperate to start over, a new man named Aubrey Hobbs walks out of the fire-ravaged forest, alive and alone. With no ID and no money, nothing but his grandfather’s telescope, he goes where the Southern Cross leads him.

Patrick Carney is the resident lighthouse keeper in Hadley Cove, a small town on the remote Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia. After the tragic death of his lover four years ago, he lives a solitary life; just him, a tabby cat, the Indian and Southern Oceans, and a whole lot of loneliness. He’s content with his life until a stranger shows up in town and turns Patrick’s head.

Patrick never expected to be interested in anyone else.

Aubrey never expected to be happy.

Between Aubrey’s love of the stars and Patrick’s love of the ocean, these two fragile hearts must navigate new waters. If they can weather the storm of their pasts, they could very well have a love that eclipses everything.
Just a Kiss - R. Cayden
This is a new release at 99c.
Geeky friends to tattooed lovers

I have a secret: I’m in love with my best friend.
Rafael is a brilliant artist and a lovable weirdo.
I’ve been pining for him for years, but when he starts an apprenticeship as a tattoo artist, my longing spikes.
My best friend finds a new side to himself, more confidence, and it makes me fall in love all over again.

The problem is Rafael doesn’t do relationships.
And me? I don’t do casual.
Yet somehow, we still end up in bed one day, after he proposes a “sexperiment.”
We’ll be friends with benefits, nothing more.

We might start with just a kiss, but a kiss can still change everything.
Just a Kiss is a steamy, low-angst M/M romance with tattooed geeks and friends-to-lovers fun. It features a sweetheart librarian, an artist coming into his own, and the satisfaction of finally requited pining. The third book in Geek Ink, it can be read as a standalone or as part of the series. Enjoy!
The Shape of You - Felice Stevens
Too big. Too fat.
All his life Eric Sontag has judged himself on his size, believing love and friendship aren't in the cards for someone like him. Tired of being alone and scared of his doctor’s warnings, he enrolls in a nutrition support group, determined to change his life. When a beautiful thin man sits next to him, he can’t believe they have anything in common, but conversation between the two soon proves first impressions aren’t always what they seem.

Drifter. Loner.
Corey DeSantis has always been the scrawny waif; he’s tired of struggling with his art and with life. Scarred by the disappearance and death of his drug-addicted mother, he doesn’t wish for love, believing it will bring him nothing but pain in the end. Now his only hunger in life is his desire to paint…until a health scare and his mentor force him to attend a nutrition class where he meets a man who piques his interest. One drunken kiss later, Eric is all Corey can think about.
The same, yet different.

An unlikely friendship is born with both men wanting more but afraid to listen to their well-guarded hearts. When Corey receives shocking news leaving him angry and helpless, it’s Eric he leans on, to help see him through, while a surprising career opportunity finds Eric leaning on Corey for advice. One night of explosive passion leads to a second and soon neither man can imagine a life without the other. Life is shaped by the challenges accepted and roads not taken but as Corey and Eric walk the path together, they’ll discover the most beautiful destination of all. Love.
These deals are valid only at the time of posting, so always double check the price before buying as prices can change rapidly. This is not a paid list or ads, but simply deals I’ve found and books I’m excited about reading. If you have a book you’d like to see listed, you can submit it, but that’s not a guarantee I’ll list it.
Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Most links will earn me a commission.
Siren's Song - Kaye Draper
The transition from teenager to adult blows. But throw in an unexpected (and unwanted) gender swap, and things get a hell of a lot harder.

Head down, don’t draw attention, fit in. That’s been Grey’s motto ever since the universe screwed him over, making him—quite literally—a woman in a man’s body. Etna Island was a normal fishing town and tourist destination until four years ago, when a mysterious plague transformed its entire female population into men.

Four years ago, Grace Hawthorne became Grey Thorne, and left all her silly, girlish dreams behind. He quickly learned to keep his identity as a morph hidden in a society where discrimination and scorn are commonplace. But that all changes when Grey meets Luca, the handsome guitarist of the local indie band, Lucifer. His growing attraction to another man threatens to destroy his carefully constructed identity and plunges him into a world of ancient gods and monsters. Grey is blindsided by the truth behind The Change. Biological warfare, heavenly judgment…anything would be more believable than the real cause—a curse cast by Grey’s own mother.

Now Grey must call on his supernatural heritage to reverse the curse before the imbalance it has caused throws the island’s human and supernatural residents into perpetual winter and death. Aided by an indie rock band, an ambivalent primordial sea god, and a few odd water sprites, the world’s only male siren grapples with powers he doesn’t fully understand. Grey’s journey of self-acceptance will transform him into someone capable of taking on magic and monsters—but his victory may cost him everyone he loves.

If Grey breaks the island’s curse, then the man Luca and the rest of Lucifer have grown to love…will disappear forever.
*Siren Song is book 1 of 2 in the Depths duet. It is poly/reverse harem romance, however book 1 is largely a slower-burn M/M, with F/F and MMMMFF developments in book 2.

*Full length book and then some - 138,000 words, no filler, no excerpts.

*This book contains adult language, graphic sexual situations, and touches on sensitive topics. Do not read if you are easily triggered. Contains talk of, but no “on-the-page” details regarding suicide. Contains mild bullying (not between members of the romantic relationship), contains mind-control and one implied sexual situation under mind-control (again not to do with the main characters and not horribly graphic, but may be a trigger for some). I believe in happily ever after—but sometimes the road there is rough.

*Examines stereotypes and ingrained beliefs about sexuality and gender, as they pertain to the plot of the story.

*Ends with the major plot arc finished and a “for now” feel. No mid-action cliffhangers, but does contain questions to be answered in the next book and leave our main character with some hard decisions to make.
Alpha's Claim - Aspen Grey
Nothing better than a good ride…

Alpha, Terry Irons is done with love. Heartbroken by a gold-digging omega, Terry hopped on his Harley and headed down to Texas to leave it all behind. Working the farm by day, Terry cruises downtown Austin at night. No strings, no commitments, no problems. At least that was plan. But as we all know, plans change.

Omega, Scotty Vanderton has no life. He’s a prisoner to his family’s wishes, held hostage in his apartment that his brother Brad uses whenever he pleases. The only omega out of four sons, his family has big plans for him, and none of those include him picking his own mate. But when Terry Irons arrives unexpectedly at his place for a house party, Scotty sees not only his way out, but also his future.

Terry is dumbfounded when he catches Scotty’s scent. But he’s made a promise to himself—never fall in love again. Quickly, he tries to leave, to protect his heart from ever feeling that pain again, but Scotty chases after him and Terry is completely overcome.

The two consummate their bond as fated-mates, and Terry takes Scotty home to the farm. Finally allowing himself to love again, Terry won’t stop until Scotty is pregnant with his cub and the two are together forever. But when they wake up the next morning, Scotty’s family has come to collect him.

The Vanderton’s are powerful and already have a grudge against his pack, but Terry will stop at nothing to protect his fated-mate, but just as he’s ready to fight them off, something impossible happens—Scotty turns his back on him and leaves.

Heartbroken, Terry’s world comes crashing down around him. He vowed to love again, and he broke that vow. And now he’s paying for it. But why? Why would Scotty betray him like that and what is Terry going to do to win him back?
Alpha’s Claim is the second book in the Texas Heat series and can be read as a standalone, but are more enjoyable when read in order. It’s Aspen Grey, so you know you’re in for fated-mates, heart-melting romance, and more heat than you can stand. Bring a glass of ice water ;)
The Merman - X. Aratare
Gabriel Braven’s destined love is a merman, Prince Casillus Nerion. Problem is Gabriel doesn’t believe mermen are real. And worse, Gabriel’s parents died of drowning so he has no love for the sea.

But the sea is Gabriel’s destiny in more ways than love. Caught by high tide in a cave, Gabriel drowns, but does not die. Casillus brings him to the surface, but tells Gabriel that he must return to the waves or perish.
The Merman is a 5-book gay paranormal romance series from Raythe Reign. This series contains psychic powers, a mostly-naked merman lover, an evil scientist, and true love beneath the waves.
The Luckiest - M.J. O'Shea and Piper Vaughn
Book one and three are 99c. Both are listed separately.
The fans, the fame, the money...none of that made Nick Ventura happy. Maybe hitting the bottom was the best thing that could've happened to him.

Okay. Maybe he'd been partying a little too hard... but it wasn't that bad right?

At least that's what Nick keeps telling himself until his spiral ends with him crashing his car into a department store window. He's publicly humiliated and only his top-notch legal team can keep him from doing jail time. Instead, he's on his way to a court-orded rehab facility.

Which is... less than awesome.

But then he meets Luka, the facility's nutritionist. Luka is flamboyant, effeminate, and sunshiny sweet. He's the kind of guy Nick would usually sneer at. But his sunny smile hides depth and his own set of problems. Nick is fascinated by Luka and very attracted to him. He's worried about what's going to happen when he goes home and Luka no longer has to see him.

Nick never needed anyone until Luka came into his life. Now he has to reconcile his careless past with the future he suddenly wants more than anything.The first lesson he has to learn once he's back out in the world is how to become the man both he and Luka need him to be, rather than stay the boy he was.

Prophesy - A.E. Via
Shifter and Vampire True Mates story.

Alek’s older brother, Justice—the Alpha Zenith—was the first shifter to mate with a vampire in many generations, and it was believed the rare, fated pairing would stop at him. But, it hadn’t. Aleksei ‘Alek’ Volkov was second beta, next in succession to the most powerful shifter in the world. He was proud of his title and he took his duties seriously. It was all he had. Until his true mate literally showed up on his doorstep.

While his brother—the overachiever—excelled at having a vampire as a mate, Alek wasn’t that optimistic he would. He wasn’t averse to love, and he’d often thought of how different his life could’ve turned out if he’d ever experienced the emotion. His life was a mess and he’d worn a mask of stability for a majority of that time, only showing his siblings and pack what they needed to see—a strong Volkov alpha. Not the damaged man he was, with a tortured soul and a rogue wolf.

Alek dropped his heavy head in his hands. Now, for some reason, I’ve been granted a true vampire mate. And not just any vampire. The intimidating Belleron Liatos. Lord High to the King and the leader of his army.

Belleron ‘Bell’ Liatos had come to the states for one reason—his best friend and Vampire King, Chadwick Bentley. He certainly didn’t come to be pounced on by a wolf that could act independently of its master. Not only was his destined cherished a complicated and confused man; but he was also unaware of the powerful presence that lurked in the shadows of his soul. Bell didn’t know he’d be the key to unlocking an exceptional triad that would play a critical role in fulfilling the prophesy.
This story DOES NOT contain or even mention MPREG.
No multiple pairings. No cliffhangers. Ends with a very HFN.

Warning: This book is M/M paranormal: If you DO NOT like alpha men shifting into large wolves, or vampires feeding from their destined beloveds, than this may not be the novel for you.
Painting With Fire - Lissa Kasey
A firefighter can battle a raging blaze, but the spark he discovers with his BFF’s nephew threatens to turn him to ash.
Charlie Fox’s job as a firefighter couldn’t have prepared him for the interest that flares between him and shy Bastian Hart. Since Bastian is Charlie’s best friend’s nephew, Charlie hesitates to get involved, but can’t help but be drawn to the young artist.

Bastian has created a sanctuary for himself on San Juan Island’s Friday Harbor to avoid his dysfunctional family. When a death in the family drags his aunt back home to stay with him, he never expects to meet a man like Charlie.

Will the flame between them ignite a real bond or fizzle out?
Maybe This Time - Lauren Blakely
There's one thing I need in my life right now and one thing only -- a new job.
So I'm stoked when I land a dream gig as a bodyguard for a rock star.
But there's definitely one thing I do not need at all -- a complication.
Like being wildly attracted to the guy who just hired me.
So I vow to do everything I can to deny the intense attraction for the man I'm sworn to protect.
All I have to do is ignore it. Eventually it'll go away, right?
But that's not what happens one night after a concert...
MAYBE THIS TIME is a 14,000-word prequel novella about how Stone and Jackson meet and it leads into their full-length novel ONE TIME ONLY. You don't have to read MAYBE THIS TIME to enjoy ONE TIME ONLY, but you'll likely enjoy this story before the story!