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The Ghost Who Saved Us by A.D. Ellis
Brock is content with his successful construction business in the small town of Prairie Brook. The local dating pool for a gay man is basically a puddle, but he’s mostly happy with his life. However, Brock’s easy, somewhat lonely life is in for a shake-up when he comes face-to-face with a man he’s never quite forgotten.
Calder ran from Prairie Brook several years ago. At the time, he convinced himself he was running toward a fabulous job and bright future. Now, after wasting years of his life at a job that went nowhere—and spending years getting to know himself better—Calder can admit he’d been running from unwanted feelings and a man he never truly pushed from his mind.
Brock and Calder both bid on a job at the rumored-to-be-haunted Prairie Brook Mansion only to find themselves smack dab in the middle of a tragic, romantic ghost story and their own second chance romance.
Tell No One Kindle Edition by Barbara Elsborg
It’s not every day that a total stranger asks Tag if he’s…ahem…well endowed. Of course he’s not going to say no. When he’s offered a life-changing amount of money to go to a party, he’s not going to say no to that either, even though he suspects sex will be involved. But sense prevails and Tag decides to stick to his principles and not go, except things take an alarming turn. Suddenly, he can’t say no. Not if he wants to see another day.

Tell no one. Trust no one. The unbreakable rules that keep Delaney alive. He’s got a role to play at this so-called party, but the cheeky upstart who’s supposed to be part of his cover seems to be going out of his way to be as aggravating as possible. When Delaney finally registers that unlike the rest of the entertainment, Tag isn’t a willing participant, they join forces and set in motion a chain of events that leads to them both running for their lives.

Tag might be one of the most irritating guys Delaney has ever met, but his resolute cheerfulness and bravery begin to have an unexpected effect as Tag worms his way through Delaney’s defences. Keeping him safe now seems the most important job Delaney’s ever had. Suddenly the operative who’s never trusted anyone finds himself letting Tag into his heart. And wishing for a future that can never be.
Man of Carnage by Nicholas Bella
The hunter becomes the hunted… or does he?

Family, loyalty, brotherhood, and respect are the codes Zaire “Ze” Esai lives by and why the Lords of Chaos Motorcycle Club is the perfect fit for him. A ruthless killer with morals is almost unheard of, but that's what keeps Ze grounded. As an enforcer, he can satiate the darkness within him and deliver justice to those who deserve it. All is going well for Ze until one day, the father of a man he “eliminated” sends someone after him to even the score.

Colton Bridger is a seasoned assassin who never misses his mark. He enjoys his job because the money is good, but the thrill of the kill is better. When he’s commissioned to take out a target who murdered a wealthy man’s son three years ago, he gladly takes the job, expecting it to be business as usual. What he doesn’t expect is to meet his match in the man who is the cub to his Tiger.

In a game of cat and mouse, neither man knows who is the predator and who is the prey. Tensions are high, but libidos are higher. The chemistry between the two men reaches nuclear levels, leaving them confused and wanting. Will they be able to ignore their thirst for blood in order to quench their desires for each other?
Claimed by Kora Knight
Breck wants him more than any championship title, but to win him, he’s got to sink the greatest basket of his life.

With college behind him and the NBA in sight, draft shoo-in Breck Harland should be riding cloud nine with visions of grandeur and glory.
Should be. He’s striven for this his entire life.
But as of late, one all-consuming obstacle has planted itself firmly in the path of his dreams.
The obstacle: Kai Nakado. Martial arts Grandmaster and Breck’s dream-Dom obsession. The wonders he’s shown Breck behind the privacy of closed doors, the feelings he’s elicited inside Breck’s elusive heart, have introduced a whole other side to life that Breck never knew existed.
What starts out as raw, fiery attraction turns to a soul-deep connection—and King Breck of the Court couldn’t be less prepared. No longer does he merely want Kai. Now he needs him, on a level that shakes his foundation
But a future with Kai isn’t possible, because Kai refuses to hide with Breck in his closet of fear.
And going public would all but destroy Breck’s hard-won chances of getting signed. He’s worked too hard, has too much at stake. And now his warring emotions have him mentally spiraling.
As Kai teeters on the precipice of cutting his losses, torn by wanting to support Breck but unwilling to tolerate his manic, reckless behavior, Breck is forced to decide which means more: his high-profile basketball career, or a life with Kai - the one and only person on the planet who's managed to claim his heart.
Drawn in by You by R.M Neill
One has endured a life of loneliness.
The other is content in his solitude.
Can the draw of epic love intertwine their lives?

When my grandfather died, I was swallowed by the system. Depression set in at a young age as I was bounced from foster home to youth shelter. For twelve years since, I’ve battled with my mental health issues, refusing to reveal to anyone how bad things truly are.

I see my friends, happy with their partners, and I fear the dark clouds surrounding my heart will never allow me that kind of bond. When I meet Dylan, I feel a connection to him that defies our age-gap. He sees me breakdown and offers simply to hold me.

For the first time in my life I see hope for my future... in him.

Since my divorce, I threw myself into raising my daughter. She was my light and joy. Between parenting and opening a brewery, single life seemed the best choice.

But my weakness is helping people.

Sure, Travis is cute and charming. Yet it is his need for a connection that makes me want to wrap him in my arms and never let go. The more I learn about him, the more I want him to stay with me forever.

I’m falling for him in a big way, and he doesn’t realize he’s worth the effort.
Getting Signed by Colette Davison
Can a chance at making a dream come true give Jae something more—Xander?

Jae dreams of becoming a model in London. With five open call castings in a month, it feels like a sign, especially as one of those is for the agency he longs to get signed by—McKay’s Models. There’s one snag: he can’t afford to go to them.

In steps Xander. He hasn’t seen Jae in three years, but he’s happy to give his younger brother’s best friend a place to stay for a month. What he’s not expecting is the gorgeous man who takes his breath away at every turn.

When an act of kindness leads to a surprise kiss, will Jae end up with everything he’s ever dreamed of and more?
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These deals are valid only at the time of posting, so always double check the price before buying as prices can change rapidly. This is not a paid list or ads, but simply deals I’ve found and books I’m excited about reading. If you have a book you’d like to see listed, you can submit it, but that’s not a guarantee I’ll list it.
Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Most links will earn me a commission.
Filthy and the Beast by R. Cayden
There’s no way in hell I’m falling for a man called the Sledgehammer.

Enzo is a lot of things.
A big grump of a jock.
Twenty years my senior.
My employer.
I’m living with the retired boxer while he recovers from an injury, just here to earn a good paycheck after my life fell apart.
Getting emotionally involved with the man isn't my job, but my gaze keeps lingering on his thick muscles and the storm clouds in his eyes.
For a million reasons, my geeky heart shouldn’t flutter when Enzo walks in the room.
But then he grunts my name, our eyes lock, and the world turns upside down.
Without A Doubt by E.M. Lindsey
How did the worst date of his life turn in to the man of his dreams?

Carter Winter's no stranger to bad dates, or bad boyfriends, and the hot guy he met on a dating app seems like he would be both of those things, all wrapped up with a pretty bow. After all, on their one and only date he was:

-Obsessed with himself.
-Obsessed with his ridiculous car.
-Oh, and he gave his number to the bartender when he thought Carter wasn't looking.

Deciding he’s ready to wash his hands of all men, Carter’s resolve is tested when he starts his new job, and his boss is none other than Rhys himself. Carter’s determined to hate the man, however, this Rhys London is someone new. He’s caring, and he’s sweet, and he’s making Carter start to feel things.

The last thing Carter needs is another relationship mistake, but when Rhys comes to him with hope in his eyes and tenderness in his hands, Carter just may start to believe in second chances.

Still, he can’t help but wonder: has he gotten Rhys all wrong? Or is there something the man is hiding?
drown by Daryl Leonardo
A story told from two perspectives: Erik is a religious boy who begins to question his sexuality and beliefs after he is propositioned by a male classmate. Nicholas is an attractive, though somewhat self-absorbed, young man whose life is uprooted when his mother announces her bitter divorce from his father. When the two boys meet, things become increasingly complicated as they strike up a friendship, which quickly develops into something neither party can be certain of.
Secrets in Smoke by Ashe Moon
Books 3 and 4 are also on sale
Thomas is the captain of the Watch, a rank reserved for only the strongest human alphas. But he holds a deep secret: He’s an omega. When he’s forced to partner up with his rival and number one nuisance, the dragon firefighter Rainor, Thomas struggles to keep his natural scent hidden from the alpha’s sharp senses.

Rainor has never had much respect for the humans—especially Thomas, whose men can never seem to keep the town safe without the help of him and his dragon flight brothers. If he’s to teach Thomas the art of firefighting they’re going to have to break down some walls—even if that means exposing sides of themselves they’ve never revealed to anyone else. But Rainor quickly learns there’s far more to this human “alpha” than meets the eye—and nose! Can he keep it a secret?
Machine Metal Magic by Hanna Dare
The galaxy’s a dangerous place. Best not to travel it alone.

It’s been over a century since the AIs rose up and attacked, driving humans from Earth and leaving them scattered across the galaxy. Humanity survives, but always fearful of the technology that allows them travel among the stars, never knowing when it may turn against them once more.

An interstellar fugitive.

For Jaime Bashir, born with the ability to communicate telepathically with computers, his gifts are more of a curse. They also make him a target. On the run, he finds himself among a starship crew, one transporting a mysterious cargo. Even more intriguing is Rylan, the muscled guard watching his every move. Jaime has no reason to trust him, but nowhere else to turn.

A disgraced ex-soldier.

Rylan Slate is looking to leave his past behind. Joining a crew of smugglers is one way to do it. But capturing Jaime is both an opportunity and a danger. He starts out as a prisoner, but then becomes something more, testing loyalties in ways Rylan never expected. Will regaining his honor mean betraying Jaime?
Nicolas by Joe Satoria
Every Daddy needs a Boy to care for.
Two years ago, I lost my cool and a publishing contract after an altercation at a convention. It wasn’t the only thing I lost; my ex-boyfriend left me too. A four-year relationship down the drain. I’d almost given up on love, until I met him.

Pulled from my days of sitting at the local bar staring at a blank document, I saw him. Calvin was new. He was just the right amount of invigoration and inspiration. My new muse. My new obsession. But was he looking for a Daddy to take him in?

New to Palmdale, Florida I’m trying to leave behind a messy past. It wasn’t my fault; I was just being a good Daddy’s boy. At least this is a fresh start, nobody knows me, I can be whoever I want now. And I think I might be falling for someone new.

Nicolas was exactly what I needed. He made me feel special. And maybe this time everything would be different. I’d learned from my past, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready to be loved again. Could we be together without history repeating?

Nicolas and Calvin are both looking to move on from their past, but can they move on together?
These deals are valid only at the time of posting, so always double check the price before buying as prices can change rapidly. This is not a paid list or ads, but simply deals I’ve found and books I’m excited about reading. If you have a book you’d like to see listed, you can submit it, but that’s not a guarantee I’ll list it.
Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Most links will earn me a commission.
Breakaway by E.M. Lindsey
The last thing Ravi Chandola needs is to define his career by a single mistake he made off the ice. But it’s not that easy when you’re the captain of an NHL team and the press is always watching, waiting to pounce.

And to make matters worse, Ravi now has community service under the supervision of a former professional figure skater who hates him with a fiery passion. But things aren’t so simple when it comes to ice king Adrien Fischer.

He’s hot but cold.

He’s soft but sharp.

And in spite of telling Ravi there can never be anything between them, Adrien can’t seem to stay out of Ravi’s orbit.

Ravi’s life is complicated enough without this man who can’t seem to make up his mind, but as much as Ravi wants to walk away, he knows he’s in it for however long Adrien will have him. So what hope does he have left? Just a miracle that the ice king’s heart will thaw and allow Ravi in.
Got Me Wishing by Casey Cox
A half-birthday + a second chance = one true love? As. If.

Who needs a man when I've got cuddly kittens?

No one's ever wanted me once they discover my secret. I guess that's why I've thrown myself into my work as a veterinarian, as well as become the proud paw-rent to my eight cat rescues. I've even managed to convince myself I'm purr-fectly happy being single.

So when Bishop, a handsome stranger, strikes up a conversation, I don't expect it to lead to anything else. There's no way a guy wanting to start over is interested in love. So why has Bishop got me wishing for something more?
Sugar Boss by Charity Parkerson
Zander didn’t get where he is by playing nice. Everyone has a price. Maverick is no exception.

Maverick knew when he met Zander he’d have to set boundaries. Zander Kapra already has more than any one man should, and Maverick doesn’t intend to join the list of faceless men Zander has probably bedded. It doesn’t help that Zander is in the position to make or break Maverick’s MMA career. Maverick would never let any man have that kind of power over him.

As owner of all the Luna hotels and casinos on the West Coast, Zander controls who can enter bet fights in his cages. Maverick caught his eye months ago. Every Friday night, Zander makes a point of being wherever Maverick is, stalking him. Waiting for his chance. There’s something about the cocky fighter. Zander has to have him, but Maverick doesn’t treat him like everyone else. It doesn’t matter. Zander didn’t get where he is by playing nice. He gets who he wants. Whenever he wants them. He won’t allow Maverick to be an exception.

From day one, Maverick and Zander struggle for dominance, but Maverick has bigger problems than Zander’s overbearing ways. Zander’s secrets might be a harder punch than he can take.
Intoxicating by Onley James
What he really lacks is discipline.

LINCOLN HUDSON has just been handed the easiest job in the world. Babysit the spoiled son of a conservative senator, keep him out of trouble, and receive a six-figure paycheck. A paycheck he desperately needs. Wyatt’s father claims he needs Linc’s firm hand and discipline. One look at him and Linc agrees. Wyatt needs discipline.

Being the closeted gay son of a family values senator has left WYATT EDGEWORTH with a reckless streak and a love of partying that just cost him eight months of his life and might cost his father his re-election. So now, he has a babysitter. A very sexy babysitter.

When Wyatt drunkenly confesses his attraction to Linc, they reach an understanding. Wyatt gets the companion he craves and Linc gets a paycheck, then, once Wyatt’s house arrest is over, they go their separate ways. For this to work, discretion is key, but with a reporter dogging Wyatt’s every move, that might prove impossible.

Staying together was never an option, but with each passing day, their feelings only grow. Will they risk it all for what’s supposed to be a harmless fling?
The Edge Of Heaven by E.M. Lindsey
"And really, what kind of fool goes and falls for their escort?"

In a fit of panic, reclusive English teacher, Julian Pedalino, lies about a boyfriend when he's coerced into attending his ex-husband's wedding. And when he realizes he has to follow through and actually bring someone, he's left with only one option.

Hire a stranger.

He's expecting the weekend to be a disaster, he's expecting everyone to see through him, he's expecting them all to know the truth- that he could never get someone as gorgeous as that to fall for a person like him.

What he isn't expecting is Archer, the charming man who can play the part of astrophysicist with an endless love for the wonders of space, and gentle words that could sweep anyone off their feet.

Even Julian, who vowed never to let another man close to his heart, ever again.

It would be a romance made in the heavens....if only Archer wasn't keeping a secret of his own.
It's Paradise, Baby by K.D. Ryan
A marriage on the rocks.
A tropical vacation.
A secret obsession.
Trouble might be brewing in paradise for husbands Nick and Ben.

Ben and Nick's marriage is on shaky ground after the pandemic, but a getaway to Key West seems like the perfect way to rekindle their romance. Turns out, a secret fantasy Nick’s been hiding might be just what the two of them need to reconnect...
Arresting Behavior by Morticia Knight
Attraction between a detective and an accused killer rarely ends well. Especially since the seductive Quinn is Jake’s prime suspect in a series of gruesome murders...

Being promoted to detective so early in his career is like a dream come true for Jake. However, his first case makes him wonder if he’s cut out for the job. A serial killer is on the loose and the city is counting on him to bring the psycho to justice.

All Quinn wants is to be left alone to pursue his art. He lives on the edge of the rez, convinced his tribe doesn’t accept him. When he’s tied to the recent killings in Mesa, he knows he’ll be dragged in by the deceitful cops and blamed for everything.

What happens next takes both Jake and Quinn by surprise. They’re gripped by a forbidden attraction and now Jake has everything to lose. Not only is his reputation and career on the line, but so is his heart. Can Jake find the elusive predator responsible for such horrific deaths? Or will he be the murderer’s next target?
The Second and His Bonded by Kiki Clark
As the son of an enemy, Kieran never expected to find a family with the Kincaid Pack... or a true mate’s bond.
After barely escaping his abusive family, wolf shifter Kieran McAllister struggles to find his place in the Kincaid Pack. Especially with the pushy but gorgeous second-in-command showing up every time Kieran turns around… and making him want things he shouldn’t.

The traumatized wolf who continuously refuses Bennett Young’s help has begun to haunt his dreams. But if there’s one thing he knows, it’s that tiger shifters don’t have mates. So why can’t Bennett get Kieran’s sad eyes out of his head?

Despite their differences, Kieran and Bennett find something they never expected in each other. Just as their bond begins to grow though, Kieran's past threatens to destroy the very pack they both have been fighting to protect.