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Omega Island: Senta's Heat by Wendy Rathbone
Can an older omega and an abused younger alpha help each other learn to trust again?

Senta, the omega billionaire owner of Omega Island, has not felt the fire of a heat in two long years. Still in his thirties, he had gone through “the change” early in life. But one night, painful pre-heat symptoms overwhelm him. He vows that when his heat finally arrives, he will endure it alone.

That is, until he meets Raimi, an alpha guest he has allowed to stay on the rehab/resort.

Raimi just got out of a two-year abusive alpha/alpha relationship with a man who dominated him and denied him knotting and orgasms. He doesn’t even know if he can perform as a true alpha anymore.

The two are immediately attracted to each other, but barely have time to develop trust and rapport before Senta goes into full heat.
Face Off by Marina Vivancos
Orion’s life turns upside down when someone outs him as the first Omega in the NHL…that anybody knows of. Now, he has to wrestle with the decisions he made throughout his life to keep that secret hidden—including the man he left a decade earlier.

Problem is, that man is Gabriel McKenna, Captain of the Gotham Hounds. Seeing as Orion captains the Brooklyn Cats, their relationship is more one of hate than love at the moment.
Or so he tells himself.

Orion has enough difficulties dealing with idiots on the ice thinking they can put him on his knees just because they know he’s an Omega. He doesn’t need to suddenly reconnect with his old flame. Doesn’t need to deal with the feelings he thought he’d buried long ago.

Orion is trying to escape the memories of the best year of his life, but the past is catching up with him. After the way Orion left, after all the fights on the ice, he doesn’t know if he deserves a second chance…
But he might want one anyway.
Sounds Like Lov by Noah Steele
How can I write an epic love song if I’ve never been in love?

Step 1: Chase a bird all the way to Gael, the sleepy-eyed rich boy teasing me with every strum of his guitar.

Step 2: Let the tattooed florist charm me until I’m jerking it in his guest bedroom to get him off my mind (and follow my heart into bed with him when that doesn’t work).

Step 3: Fall even harder when Gael brings me to his secret spot outside the city for a sunset picnic that leaves us breathless and bound to each other.

Step 4: Stop being afraid of my feelings. It was love at first note, and Gael knows it. For him, I’ll write the love song of a lifetime like it’s the easiest thing in the world.
Back to Center by Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood

There are ways to get ahead in college hockey, but having a meltdown, trying to get rid of your coach, and stalking his boyfriend isn’t one of them. Is it really a surprise that I wound up in a hospital facing my demons instead of getting ready to play for the pros and taking care of my baby? I needed the world’s biggest redo, but the probability of a second chance was about the same as…

Jack Rogan walking through the door. But there he was! Jack was one of my coaches, and I was pretty sure he was straight. His easy laugh and sympathetic ear put a smile on my face. He made me believe I could turn my life around. But as much as I liked him, I knew I had to put my fantasies aside. With obligations to meet and amends to make, I didn’t have time to obsess about a guy who was out of my reach.

So why did I say yes when he offered me a place to stay while I got on my feet?


I was done with relationships. A fractured heart had made sure my walls were high, and my shields were strong. There wasn’t a man I couldn’t resist—until Eckie.

After driving everyone away in an avalanche of self-destruction, he was getting much needed help, and I wondered if I should go see him. A single visit turned into the best part of every day, and I was hooked. When I was with Eckie, the world made sense again. There were only two years separating us, but since I was one of his coaches, spending time together was dangerous. If we kept it up, who knew what I might do?

Maybe something brilliant, like asking him to stay with me when he left the hospital. I knew it was risky, and I told myself I was only being a friend. But the truth was, I liked feeling things again.

Eckie was seeking redemption; Jack was trying to do the right thing. Neither planned on anything beyond friendship. Will following their hearts leave them worse than before, or will they find what they’ve needed all along?
The Dragon God's Sacrifice by Amy Sumida
Can I survive loving a god?

For as long as I can remember, and even further back than that, the Dragons of Serai have worshiped a goddess and only her. But everything has changed. A god has risen. He has returned long-lost magic to my people and balanced the Fire within us. Those who could, made the journey to Ha'tezan, where the God's temple was unearthed. I am fortunate enough to be one of those Dragons.

Shortly after my arrival, Karadas, the Dragon God of the Moon and Water, demanded a sacrifice—a man willing to give himself completely to our god and serve him in every way. Although the Sacrifice would be a servant to the God, he would hold a status even higher than that of a king. Dragons vied for the position, lining up every day at his temple to be considered. I did not go. I knew there was no chance of the God choosing me.

And yet, that's exactly what happened.

Karadas chose me. I'm honored and overjoyed to be chosen. I know that serving him will bring me undreamed of pleasure. It will free me from my family and give me a chance at a new life. But I'm not a fool. I also know that his interest will wane, and he will eventually choose another. He's my god, the most beautiful being I've ever seen and more powerful than anyone on Serai. I will surely fall in love with him. And he will, just as surely, destroy my heart. Pain is coming, a lot of it, but that's nothing new for me. I will glory in the pleasure and not think about the agony that will come when I cease to be the Dragon God's Sacrifice.
La Verità di Sando by Nora Phoenix
Italian edition of Omega's Truth
La verità libererà Sando...

Sando si sente incastrato tra l’incudine e il martello. Vuole stare con Maz e Lucan più di ogni altra cosa, però che fare con suo padre? Come può disonorare l’uomo a cui deve la vita?

Quando viene fuori la verità sulla sua identità, tuttavia, tutto ciò in cui credeva si rivela essere una bugia, e l’unica cosa che riesce a fare è rivolgersi ai due uomini che non l’hanno mai deluso. È troppo tardi o lo vogliono ancora?

Nel frattempo, il branco si è diviso in due, ma entrambi affrontano la stessa minaccia: il generale Armitage. Cosa vuole da loro? Possono coesistere in pace o dovranno sempre temere per le loro vite?

La risposta si trova in una vecchia profezia...
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These deals are valid only at the time of posting, so always double check the price before buying as prices can change rapidly. This is not a paid list or ads, but simply deals I’ve found and books I’m excited about reading. If you have a book you’d like to see listed, you can submit it, but that’s not a guarantee I’ll list it.
Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Most links will earn me a commission.
Watcher by A.L. Morrow
Heaven on Earth? Not a chance with these angels around.

Jace has spent his entire life on the run from the Messengers, celestial beings from another realm who hunt his kind: Watchers, the fallen angels responsible for corrupting humanity … Then he meets Cyrus, the handsome Messenger with an easy smile who finally makes him want to stay in one place. The problem? Jace is the last descendant of the first disgraced Watcher, placing him just one rung below demons on the Messengers’ most-wanted list.

But Cyrus isn’t like other Messengers. He came to Sin City—the center of the angelic conflict—seeking peace, not more war. He doesn’t count on falling for the moody, dark-winged Watcher from the wrong side of town. Nor does he count on learning that his true enemy lurks closer than he ever imagined. As tensions rise between the celestial clans, will love or vengeance rule?
Ancient by Rain Carrington
In the first book of the series, we meet Adam, sacrificing college to stay in his childhood home for one reason. His sister. Anna is his world, and her safety and happiness is more important to him than his own future. His abusive father makes it hard, but his beloved sister is worth it. Soon, however, with their father out of the picture, he sees that life is no easier and taking care of Anna means doing things that terrify and disgusts him.

The ancient vampire, Neku, doesn’t know exactly how old he is, but he estimates it around five thousand years. In the beginning of it, he felt the sorrow of betrayal, so he never chanced love again in all that time, at least not romantic love. He has a family, a small nest of vampires he’s made and thinks that love was enough for him. Though, for the longest time, he thinks his nest won’t grow unless the younger vampires in the nest make more. It seems that Neku could no longer turn humans to vampires, as his blood is so strong, it boils a human’s brain.

When they meet, Neku is shocked by the color of Adam’s eyes. Is it a sign of the only real threat to ancient vampires? Can Adam and Neku come together in the relationship they both need, or will Adam’s hidden powers tear them apart?
Is There Still Room In Your Life For Me? by Will Manwill

Chef and Restaurateur Jake Ruiz left Newport, Washington and never looked back. After his parents had practically disowned him for being gay, the town was nothing but bad memories for Jake. But, years later, a family emergency brings him back to his hometown. Grappling with the death of his husband and suddenly finding himself a single father to his five-year-old, Jake also has to now deal with his disapproving mother, his ailing father, a crumbling family restaurant and the sudden reintroduction of Jake’s childhood crush into his life, Colton Humphrey. Before he knows it, the feelings that Jake once had for Colt begin to resurface and Jake begins to wonder if perhaps Newport could be in his future as well. The debut novel from author Will Manwill explores the complex relationships and family dynamics of a conservative, Mexican-American family struggling to accept their son, who is still trying to put the pieces of his own life back together.
The River Leith by Leta Blake
Amnesia stole his memories, but it can’t erase their love.

Leith is terrified after waking up in a hospital bed to find his most recent memories are three years out of date.

Worse, he can’t even remember how he met the beautiful man who visits him most days. Everyone claims Zach is his best friend, but Leith’s feelings for Zach aren’t friendly.

They’re so much more than that.

Zach fills Leith with longing. Attraction. Affection. Lust. And those feelings are even scarier than losing his memory, because Leith’s always been straight. Hasn’t he?

For Zach, being forgotten by his lover is excruciating. Leith’s amnesia has stolen everything: their relationship, their happiness, and the man he loves. Suddenly single and alone, Zach knows nothing will ever be okay again.

Desperate to feel better, Zach confesses his grief to the faceless Internet. But his honesty might come back to haunt them both.
Lessons in Temptation by Charlie Cochrane
For friends and lovers Orlando Coppersmith and Jonty Stewart, a visit to Bath starts out full of promise. While Orlando assesses the value of some old manuscripts, Jonty plans to finish his book of sonnets. Nothing exciting…until they are asked to investigate the mysterious death of a prostitute.

Then Orlando discovers that the famous curse of Macbeth extends far beyond the stage. It’s bad enough that Jonty gets drawn into a local theatre’s rehearsals of the play. The producer is none other than Jimmy Harding, a friend from Jonty’s university days who clearly finds his old pal irresistible. Worse, Jimmy makes sure Orlando knows it, posing the greatest threat so far to their happiness.

With Jonty involved in the play, Orlando must do his sleuthing alone. Meanwhile, Jonty finds himself sorely tempted by Jimmy’s undeniable allure. Even if Orlando solves the murder, his only reward could be burying his and Jonty’s love in an early grave…
Forgotten (Heaven and Hell Club Book 2) Kindle Edition by Colette Davison
Book 1 is also on sale of 0.99
They enjoyed impromptu passion. But is one steamy encounter enough to bring happily ever after to these two hurting men?

Leeds, England. Jared feels completely lost. After a devastating car accident left him with memory loss and brain damage, he has no idea who he really is or what he wants. But a flirty night with a gay pole dancer that leads to more serious sex just might be the healing he needs.

Kyrone is cracking under the weight of a promise to his late father. Struggling to finish the education he’s come to loathe, the only joy he finds is in a budding relationship with a gorgeous amnesiac. And as he spends his nights stripping at the club and his days caring for his damaged lover, the troubled young man begins to feel a new purpose awakening within him.

Despite crippling migraines and his own missing identity, Jared urges his sweet caregiver to embrace his true self. But with the vow to complete his degree hanging over his head, Kyrone is torn between the future he desires and his obligation to his dead dad.

Have two wounded souls met their perfect match to take them into forever?
The Music of the Spheres by Chase Potter
An athlete and introvert from a family touched by loss, Ryan Mattson splits his life between reading and spending time with his dad and precocious younger sister. With the wounds of Ryan’s past almost healed, high school is simple, and so is everything else.

But that changes when he’s paired with Adam for a class project. Adam, the guy with birthmarks like flecks of mud and compost-brown eyes that hide behind dorky glasses. Grudgingly, the two young men work together, and as they do, an unlikely friendship is formed.

With the passing college years, their bond deepens and grows. Even Ryan’s sister and dad take a liking to Adam, and the family – always missing a voice – seems to gain another. But just as Ryan is forced to confront what Adam really means to him, his family is dragged toward crisis. And beneath the silent snows and starlit sky of a Minnesota winter, their friendship will be tested more than ever before.
Saving Ziggy by Alex J. Adams
Leaving home four years ago was the best thing I could have done. Selling myself on the streets for the past two years, the worst, but what else was I to do? All I truly wanted was someone I could love and someone to love me in return. Was it really too much to ask?

Meeting him, the most handsome man ever, I thought all my prayers had been answered…..until they weren’t.

That man was almost the death of me.

I survived though, it’s what I’d always done and now I needed to try and rebuild my life.

Marc saved me, was with me every step of the way, showing me that finally, good things can happen. He thought I was damaged, and I probably was, too many emotional scars that would take time to heal.

But Marc had them as well and together, I knew we can find the love we both deserved.
Secretive Royal by Elouise East
Prince Henry has two secrets. One could see him become the laughing stock of the royal family. The other could see him dead. All it takes is one look from Robert, and Henry is willing to risk it all. And he might have to. Family before all, isn't that what they say? But what choice does he have when the family is the one keeping him on a short leash?

Robert refuses to suffer through "experimental" relationships again. He knows what he is, and if no one can accept it, he'll happily die alone. Flowers are his livelihood, but taking care of pups is his calling. One he's damn good at. He can see Henry has secrets, but so does Robert.

How many minds will they have to appeal to before the rules of his ancestors can be brought into the modern world?
Dearly & Deviant Daniel by L.A. Kaye
When the family business is death, what does it take to feel alive?

Maybe a gorgeous motorcycle mechanic with a dark past has a few ideas?

Mortician Keir Dearly has a secret he plans to take to his grave. If he tells anyone he speaks with the dead who come through his funeral home, who will believe him? Keeping the secret prevents Keir from pursuing a love life because how would a lover react to such news?

Mechanic Dashiell Clegg owns Clegg Cycles, the family business his father left to him and his estranged brother Daniel. Dash has only seen Daniel twice since Dash was released from prison, and that’s perfectly fine with both of them. The brothers stay out of each other’s lives until one day, Dash gets a call that changes everything.

When Dash’s brother, deviant Daniel Clegg, shows up on Keir’s table with a final request: Keep my brother from being blamed for my murder, the temptation to jump into the mix is too much for Keir to resist. Can Keir save Dashiell Clegg without telling anyone about his conversations with the dead?

After being warned about communing with the Departed, will Dearly have to pay a price for assisting them in finding their final peace?
These deals are valid only at the time of posting, so always double check the price before buying as prices can change rapidly. This is not a paid list or ads, but simply deals I’ve found and books I’m excited about reading. If you have a book you’d like to see listed, you can submit it, but that’s not a guarantee I’ll list it.
Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Most links will earn me a commission.
How to Romance an Incubus by S. Rodman
How do you date an incubus?

Seb is delighted to meet Jinx. The young man is gorgeous, sexy, funny, incredibly sweet. He is mute, but they communicate just fine. He’s also an incubus. Which considering Seb is descended from a long line of mages renowned for demon banishings, is a bit of a problem.

And so what if they met when Jinx appeared in Seb's bedroom to seduce him and feed from him? Dating apps are overrated anyway.

Anyway, as far as seductions go, it was terrible. Jinx was brand new to the human realm and totally clueless on what he was supposed to do. Seb had to teach him. Jinx was basically a first-time incubus.

Jinx is also a bit of a handful. He doesn’t understand some things, like how to behave in human society. But Seb soon realizes that none of that matters. He adores Jinx.

As his feelings grow, so do their enemies. It seems no one wants them to be together. Seb will just have to prove them all wrong.

If he can.
Dark Space Kindle Edition by Lisa Henry
Brady Garrett needs to go home. He's a conscripted recruit on Defender Three, one of a network of stations designed to protect the Earth from alien attack. He's also angry, homesick, and afraid. If he doesn't get home he'll lose his family, but there's no way back except in a body bag.

Cameron Rushton needs a heartbeat. Four years ago Cam was taken by the Faceless--the alien race that almost destroyed Earth. Now he's back, and when the doctors make a mess of getting him out of stasis, Brady becomes his temporary human pacemaker. Except they're sharing more than a heartbeat: they're sharing thoughts, memories, and some very vivid dreams.

Not that Brady's got time to worry about his growing attraction to another guy, especially the one guy in the universe who can read his mind. It doesn't mean anything. It's just biochemistry and electrical impulses. It doesn't change the truth: Brady's alone in the universe.

Now the Faceless are coming and there's nothing anyone can do. You can't stop your nightmares. Cam says everyone will live, but Cam's probably a traitor and a liar like the military thinks. But that's okay. Guys like Brady don't expect happy endings.
Powder & Pavlova by Jay Hogan
ETHAN SHARPE’s life is a hot mess. His mother has died, his fifteen-year-old brother is going off the rails and the café he’s inherited is failing. The last thing he needs is another complication—like the man who just walked into his café.

A much older… sinfully hot… EPIC complication.

But Ethan can’t get Tanner out of his head, and maybe some no strings attached stress relief might actually help him get through the day. A little fun, a little time for himself away from the chaos of his life. It couldn’t hurt, right? Then they’d go their separate ways and Ethan’s world might look a little brighter, for a while.

It was a good plan, until it wasn’t.
Protective Behavior by Cari Z & L.A. Witt
Detective Mark Thibedeau is perfectly happy doing his job in Internal Affairs and going home to his cat. Still, when his assistant wants to set him up on a blind date, he can’t help but be intrigued.

Dr. Ryan Campbell loves the frenetic pace of working in an emergency department. He likes his life and doesn’t need anyone. But that guy his colleague wants him to meet does sound pretty interesting.

It’s instant chemistry when they meet—and instant chaos.

That chaos isn’t just phone calls interrupting dates. When a patient comes into the ED rapidly bleeding out from a gunshot wound, Ryan suddenly finds himself in possession of evidence that could very well put two white cops in jail for killing an innocent black man in cold blood.

Not sure what else to do, Ryan takes the evidence to the only cop he can trust—Mark.

Now Mark is investigating a delicate case, and Ryan is a material witness, and putting their fledgling relationship on hold is the least of their problems. Dirty cops stalk Ryan and his colleagues. Higher-ups question Mark’s investigative integrity at every turn. Worse, he’s tugging at threads of a citywide systemic problem of cops getting away with racially motivated murder.

And there are cops with blood on their hands who will gladly kill to keep that system running.